Using games in sales incentives
Craig Thomas

Using games in sales incentives

1st June 2015

Prize draws and games can be a useful tool for short-term, tactical sales incentives, as they provide an immediate, tangible reward, introduce a good dose of fun and are relatively easy to manage. Implemented correctly you can ensure your top performers are favoured while lower level performers still have a good chance of winning, meaning everyone stays engaged throughout the incentive. Here are five ideas of games which can make effective sales incentives.


Scratch cards

Sales incentives using scratch cards are generally easy to implement, simple to run and reasonably flexible as you can vary the mechanic to suit your targets and objectives. For example, a scratch card can be given out for the first sale of the day, to the top sales person of the day, or every time a certain number of sales are made.



A text-to-win sales incentive makes a good alternative to scratch cards, especially if your sales force is on the move. Each sale can be awarded with a code and recipients text the code to see if they've won. As with scratch cards the mechanic can be easily varied, but it has the added advantage of providing a way to communicate with your audience to drive the incentive.


Draw tickets

Probably the simplest game to get up and running for a sales incentive. Every unit sale gives the participant an entry into the draw which is made at the end of the incentive. Different levels of prizes can be given out, for example 1 x Holiday, 10 x Festival Tickets , 50 x Experience Vouchers. The number and value of prizes can be adjusted depending on how many participants you have and your budget for the incentive. The more sales made, the the more entry tickets a participant will receive, meaning your top performers have a higher chance of winning while everyone still has something to play for.


Game boards

While a little more involved to setup than a simple prize draw mechanic, game boards provide a great central focus for a sales incentive and can be a lot of fun, which always results in high levels of engagement. Themes can be taken from existing game shows or board games, such as 'Grab a Grand' or 'Monopoly', have a seasonal flavour like 'Santa's Grotto' or 'Summer Holiday', or simply be based around things like casino games or bingo. The visual nature of a game board provides a continual reminder of the incentive and its targets, giving it a natural momentum.


Online games

Taking your game online can be a very cost-effective and practical solution for a sales incentive, especially if your sales team is spread across different sites or you want to use it for a channel incentive. Online games combine the immediacy of draw tickets or scratch cards with the fun of the game. And as the game is online, you have the added benefit of automated management reports to monitor progress, participation, and overall spend.


One popular example of an online incentive game is 'What's in the Box?', which is both simple and engaging. Sales are rewarded with codes which are entered online to allow participants to play the game. With each 'play' participants choose a box to reveal an instant prize. Obviously the more you play the more prizes you can win. Different boxes can hold different values of prizes, and not every box has to be a winning one, so you can easily design the incentive to match your budget.


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