5 Awesome Tips to Spice Up Your Remote Employee Rewards

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We all know that remote work has become the new normal with covid introducing more remote employees and Gen Z enjoying a work-from-home culture.

But when it comes to keeping your team engaged and motivated, you must not forget about your remote colleagues! You might not know what mug they use at their desk or what they pack into their lunch box, but they are still part of the team.  

So here are 5 tips that will take your remote employee rewards from zero to hero.

Customisation is the Spice of Work-Life:

When it comes to rewards, one prize doesn’t fit all. Generic gifts can leave your employees feeling that no thought or consideration has gone into them. You should opt for a more personal touch and show your employee that they are seen as a human being, not a face on a Zoom meeting elsewhere.

Maybe you have a website designer who works out of the office – they are a coding wiz and would appreciate something tailored to new gadgets and computer accessories. But you could have a yoga and wellness lover who isn’t interested in mini drones and would appreciate a wellness subscription box or a weekend at a yoga retreat.

Tailor your reward to their individual interests and preferences, and show them that you’re appreciated. If you don’t know what they are into, maybe you should consider arranging team-building events and get-togethers for a chance to get to know your team a bit better.

You can check out some ideas for team-building events here.

Surprise, Surprise! Unpredictability Wins:

Remember the feeling of unwrapping presents on your birthday? Well, guess what? You can sprinkle that excitement all year round. Introduce surprise rewards to your remote employees’ lives. Nothing beats a knock at the door, followed by a delivery that you weren’t expecting. It could be a Desk Organiser, a Treat Box, or it could be a spontaneous Amazon gift card, a virtual team game day, or even a personalised shoutout in your team chat. The element of surprise keeps the adrenaline flowing and the positive vibes soaring.

Pssst… Have You Said “Well Done”?

Who doesn’t love a virtual high-five? If you aren’t office based, you can often feel unseen. You don’t have little catch-ups over a boiling kettle, and you don’t have that pat on the back when you achieve something in the office. Encourage your team to recognise and celebrate each other’s achievements, even if you’re remote.

You can set up a peer-to-peer thank you module on your company reward scheme or intranet. When your team members feel acknowledged by their peers, the good vibes make the remote work journey more fulfilling.

Not Everyone’s Circumstances Are The Same.

If you’re a global company, you may have certain employees working in different time zones. So, in those cases, we understand it’s not always as easy to give a shoutout on a Zoom call or to catch them at a meeting. But just because that individual is working in a different timezone, they may have just pulled off a huge project that they need rewarding for, so why not let them choose their reward? Sometimes this personalised opportunity lets them choose something that really fits in with their unique circumstances, whether it’s a day off or a subscription to a food delivery service in their location.

Who Said Game Time?

No one said that rewards couldn’t involve a game! Create rewards programmes that are engaging such as challenges, quizzes or mini-competitions which lead towards the top prizes. Rewards could simply be for the recognition of a virtual badge. It could be a case of completing a certain number of tasks to be rewarded with a virtual badge. It may not be a prize to hold in your hand, but the competitive spirit will bring together the team and allow everyone to be involved, no matter your location!

Are You Ready To Spice Up Your Remote Employee Rewards Game?

Remote work might have changed the scenery, but it hasn’t altered the essence of what makes a team thrive: connection, appreciation, and a dash of excitement. By customising the rewards, adding a pinch of unpredictability, binding it together with some peer recognition, sprinkling with some flexibility, and throwing in some gamified fun, you’re creating an environment where remote work isn’t just a job—it’s an adventure.

So go on, make your remote team feel like they are in an office of peers and not lost behind a screen! Get creative, get personal, and get those virtual high-fives flying. Your remote teams will thank you, and your virtual office will become a thriving and motivated workforce.

If you need help with ideas for team building, creating sales incentives or rewarding your employees, get in touch with our team here at Active Consultancy.


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