5 Unique Prize Ideas for Your Next Sales Incentive

5 Unique Prize Ideas for Your Next Sales Incentive

A sales incentive is a way to motivate your sales team, keep their engagement up, push them to achieve new targets and create excitement. That’s why it’s important to have thought put into them. Your sales team won’t be motivated if your prizes are a 3 for 2 on toiletries, a stationery set and a meal voucher for your local carvery.  

In this blog, we’re looking at how offering unique prizes can be an effective way to motivate and engage sales teams, provide recognition, personalisation and create aspirational goals.

Travel Experiences

You may find that travel experiences are often used as sales incentives, and that’s because they offer flexibility in terms of budget, they can leave a long-lasting effect on the recipient and create unique emotional appeal. Not only do they create a memorable experience for the winners, but they also create an association with these memories of being with the company, therefore creating a sense of loyalty.

The possibilities for travel incentives are endless, from 1-night glamping breaks, treehouse accommodation or weekend breaks in Dublin to trips to Disney Orlando, watching the Northern Lights in Iceland and Island hopping around Croatia. You can create memorable experiences and opportunities that align with your company values.

Personalised Tech Gadgets

Personalised technology can also be a great unique prize to offer as a sales incentive. Tech gadgets are a go-to for companies because they appeal to our desire for personalisation, convenience and the latest cutting-edge technology at our fingertips. Anything to make life a little easier!

These items could be smartwatches, sound-cancelling headphones, tablets, laptops, smartphones and other items that can be used in both personal and professional settings offering the recipient the opportunity to stay connected, productive, entertained, and also enhance their daily life.

Personalisation of these gadgets with the recipient’s name, initials or requested message can create a sense of exclusivity and ownership of these items. With these items often being at the forefront of technology, it provides the potential recipients with excitement and satisfaction.

Unique Experiential Activities

Looking for something that is a one-of-a-kind experience? How about something to allow your recipients to step out of their comfort zone a little? Unique experimental activities are a great way of creating and providing experiences which can be difficult to replicate elsewhere.

How about activities such as hot air balloon rides, private cooking lessons, dining in the sky, climbing the O2 Arena, helicopter tours, sky diving and allowing your recipients to try something new for a sense of excitement and adventure?

We aren’t saying someone can’t arrange an activity like this for themselves, however, it tends to be something you often wouldn’t. This means these experiences are highly desirable. It is also a great way of rewarding teams with sales incentives and offers a chance to build strong relationships between the company and the recipients. Together it allows them an opportunity for shared experiences and memories.

Food and Beverage Experiences

Who doesn’t love food and drink incentives? They appeal because of our natural allure to our sense of taste and pleasure. These types of incentives can offer unique experiences to enjoy high-quality food and drink, often exploring these in exclusive or unusual settings. Incentives such as culinary experiences, wine tasting, gourmet dinners or cooking classes can indulge your recipients in luxurious and memorable experiences.  

You can also use these experiences to provide opportunities for shared experiences and a sense of community and social interaction. These incentives work great with team incentives in cultures where food and drink play a central role in building relationships and socialising.

There are factors which you would need to evaluate first before offering food and beverage incentives, which would be how you will be able to customise these to the recipient’s personal preference.

Health and Wellness Packages

Health and wellness packages appeal to our desire for self-care and personal well-being. They give the recipient a feeling that their employer values them and cares for their well-being. 

Health and wellness packages can range from activities and treatments that promote mental and physical health, such as spa sessions, treatments, meditation or fitness retreats. These opportunities allow the recipients to take time away from their busy schedules and provide opportunities for relaxation and stress relief which can enhance their overall quality of life.  

Before You Plan Your Next Sales Incentive.

So there we have it. If you’re looking for sales incentive prize ideas, choose something that’s going to be valued by the recipient. Something that stands out, something luxurious, something you may only do once in a lifetime or even a gift that is personalised.  

If you’re looking for your next prize for your sales incentive, get in touch. We can help you create something unique, exciting and something that will have your employees pushing to hit their targets.


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