8 Incentive Games To Increase Engagement In Your Sales Incentive

8 incentive games to increase engagement in your sales incentive

Introducing a good dose of fun into your sales incentive can really help boost engagement. This is where incentive games come into play. So if you’re looking for a fresh way to incentivise your sales teams or channel partners then read on.

The use of prize draws, games and lotteries introduces a playful element to a sales incentive. They provide immediate, visible rewards and are relatively easy to manage, making them a particularly effective tool for short-term, tactical incentives.

Get the setup right and you can ensure your top performers are favoured, while lower level performers still have a good chance of winning. This results in everyone staying motivated throughout the incentive.

8 game concepts which make effective sales incentives

What’s in the box
  Popular game, commonly used as a tactical incentive Each box has a prize behind it. When the target is achieved the participant opens a box to reveal their prize. Any number of boxes and prizes can be included and the prize inside each box can either be pre-determined or assigned at random. This enables you to control the overall budget. 
Wacky races
  Interactive game with a competitive edge Participants watch their character race down the track to see if they’ll be first past the post. This can be deployed as a game in its own right, whereby each ‘play’ the participant earns gives them the chance to win a race. Or it can simply be used as a more creative way to display an incentive leaderboard. Horse racing is the obvious theme for this game, but we prefer to spice it up a little – with themes ranging from F1 race cars to a superhero challenge. Or even reindeer racing for a seasonal twist! 
  Great tool for creating buzz around an incentive On reaching a specific incentive target, participants are given a code. Each code gives them a spin of the wheel and a chance to win. Codes can be given out on the sales floor to create an immediate buzz, or distributed as e-codes. You control the number of prizes, the win ratio and the budget. 
Click to vote
  Works as a stand-alone feature or as a bolt-on to another game Participants click to vote on which prize they’d like to win. This works particularly well when you have a high-value top prize in your incentive, such as a holiday. Having a choice, and seeing everyone else’s choices, increases both engagement and the motivation to win. 
Roll the dice
  Adds a twist to a standard sales incentive league table Participants roll a dice to gamble the points they’ve earned. Roll the right number and they move higher up the league table and closer to the big prize. But get it wrong and they could end up dropping down. Bonus prizes (for winning) or consolation prizes (for losing) can be added to give an extra dynamic to the game. You’ll be amazed at how many people play and the excitement it generates. 
Scratch cards
  Tried and tested mechanic which works equally well for sales and channel incentives Scratch cards are given to participants each time they hit a specific goal or target. Depending on your environment, you can either use physical, pre-printed cards or take the mechanic online. With an online version, participants are given e-codes, with each code giving them the chance to ‘scratch’ an interactive, online card. 
Perfect match
  Simple, quick and fun way to reward performance The aim of the game is simple – reveal three matching symbols to win a prize. Typically used to reward specific sales achievements, such as the number of calls made in a day or number of appointments secured. An extra level of interest can be added by entering everyone who plays into a prize draw to be drawn weekly, monthly or at the end of the incentive. 
Advent calendar
  Makes the most of the festive season For most industries, the run-up to Christmas can be difficult. You’re either trying to make the best of a quiet period or capitalise on one of your busiest times of the year. An advent calendar can be useful in either scenario. If you’re busy then you may want to just add a bit of fun and reward people for their efforts in the festive period. If you’re quiet, then it can provide the impetus needed to bring in the sales. The exact way it works will depend on your aims and budget. But the basic principle is participants open a door on their calendar each day to see if they’re a winner. 

Active have delivered all these sales incentive games in various forms for our clients and our creative team are always coming up with new ideas. If you’re looking for ways to generate excitement in your next sales incentive then get in touch.


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