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Our Work
This successful sales incentive targeted the GovNet Communications sales force. Outcomes focused on improving retained client business, staff retention and an increased commitment to achieving sales targets month on month.
X Factor
Active were delighted to be recommended to work with multiple FMCG brands over a period of 7 years to manage 4,000+ 'money can't buy tickets' to the live X Factor finals.
Walkers / Snack a jack
This on-pack consumer promotion for Walkers Snack a Jacks showcased our slick web operation. Consumers purchased promotional bags of Snack a Jacks featuring Gok Wan and registered online, entering the URN from each pack purchased to claim their reward.
This long-running employee incentive awarding field-based staff monthly vouchers for use on the road in a variety of coffee shops and food retailers. We were delighted to help keep their sales force fuelled on the road!
You go the extra mile wherever possible, looking at every angle to see how you can provide the best service.
Natalie - HR Director
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