Promotion and incentive travel ideas - Top 10 ultimate travel bucket list
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Promotion and incentive travel ideas - Top 10 ultimate travel bucket list

7th August 2018

We all know spending your money on experiences rather than things will make you happier. Travelling has soared in popularity with more people than ever taking 'gap years' to experience the world to capture and create memories. Just take a look at social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, filled with stunning images of destinations most people could only dream of. More and more, we're being asked to source holidays that are out of the ordinary, off the beaten track, or a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Here is a list of our top 10 most desirable bucket list experiences, perfect for your next travel incentive or prize promotion.


Stay in a famous water villa of the Maldives

Incentive travel - Maldives



We've all seen the infamous images of these beautiful bungalows and it may feel like they're way out of our price range. But truthfully, they're actually more affordable than you think with many 3* or 4* options popping up all the time. Experience your own private villa with direct access to crystal clear ocean, Jacuzzis, glass viewing floors and private pools. There's over 5,000 of these water villas in the world but around two-thirds reside in the Maldives, scattered around more than 80 islands.


Take the Great American Road Trip

Incentive travel - USA road trip



America is big. Really big. In fact, it's roughly 40 times the size of the UK! With so many states to visit, its hard to pin down the ultimate road trip. But that's the beauty of this bucket list experience - the USA is your oyster. Whether you want to drive all the way through the Grand Canyon or delve into the deep south of Texas, take some time out of your busy schedule to rent a car and see where the road takes you. With stunning landscapes and a different world each time you cross a state border, it's easy to see why so many people have this on their list.


Tour the temples of Kyoto

Incentive travel - Kyoto, Japan



A world of temples awaits with over 1,600 to discover in Kyoto alone. Of course it's not possible to visit all of them in a single trip, but you can give it a good go! From Kinkaku-ji rising above a reflecting pond, to Nanzen-ji surrounded by lush green mountains, each one has sacred architecture and religious monuments that creates a space of peace and tranquillity. Many travel companies offer specific itineraries based on the most popular (and most beautiful) temples and shrines, ranging from a one day excursion to a whole week.


Swim with wild dolphins in The Azores

Incentive travel - Dolphins in the Azores



The Azores, the very idea of it transports you to a secluded island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Relatively unknown, it's Mother Nature's playground, with world class water sports and picturesque landscapes filled with caverns and crystal clear lakes. Whilst there are many things to do here, one of the most magical experiences has to be swimming with wild dolphins. There a few places in the world where you can do this unforgettable adventure, with the Azores being only one of a handful that offers the experience responsibly and it's only 4 hours from London. Discover this incredible and unseen world like never before.


Get up close and personal with the 'Big Five'

Incentive travel - Safari



Masai Mara, two words that instantly scream bucket list destination! With the famous 'Big Five' residing here, a safari is a truly incredible way to see these magnificent creates in their natural habitat. Throughout Kenya, there are hundreds of camps offering daily game drives with expert rangers ready to take you to the heart of the national park. You can even take specialised photography lessons, or volunteer looking after some of the world's most endangered species.


Be captivated by the Cultural Triangle in Sri Lanka

Incentive travel - Cultural Triangle, Sri Lanka



Another destination that's becoming increasingly popular, Sri Lanka is still relatively untouched for now. It's famous for the Cultural Triangle, a treasure trove of royal cities, temples and monuments, named after the island's three capitals - Anuradhapura to the north, Polonaruwa to the east and Kandy to the south-west. Inside the triangle, there are other places of interest; Mihintale, Ritigala and Dambulla. Along the way, explore ancient kingdoms that date back as far as 2,000 years, and the sacred Bodhi Tree where locals perform spiritual rituals and offerings.


Walk the Great Wall of China

Incentive travel - Great Wall of China



Stretching approximately 13,000 miles from East to West China, the Great Wall is one of the most unmissable experiences in the world. Whether you choose to do a full trek along the entire length or just a small section of the wall, its endless beauty will leave you speechless for days. It's a symbol of China's strength and power, towering at 46 feet in some places. And with many operators offering exclusive itineraries depending on your level of fitness, it's definitely a place to visit in your lifetime.


Trek Machu Picchu

Incentive travel - Machu Picchu, Peru



The most famous and popular Inca ruin in the world, Machu Picchu is a favourite for backpackers across the globe. Combining jaw-dropping scenery, ancient ruins, lush green jungle and clouds that go on for days, it's the world's most famous yet shortest trek. In recent years, they've had to put a cap on how many trekkers can visit at once due to the erosion of the pathways, which only adds to the experience. The feeling of seclusion in paradise is not an experience you want to miss. We know there's always rumours going around that they're going to close it, but as it stands it's still open for business!


Cruise around the Phi Phi Islands

Incentive travel - Phi Phi Islands, Thailand



Looking beyond its well-deserved reputation as a party island, Ko Phi Phi also offers an unmissable experience to cruise around the six small islands and even lounge on the white sands of Maya Bay as seen in the film 'The Beach'. Organise your own boat hire, and head down there early in the morning to fully appreciate the attraction. Famous for its limestone cliffs rising out of the emerald green waters, and its many coral reefs which offer great diving and snorkelling, it's utterly dazzling.


See the Northern Lights

Incentive travel - Northern Lights, Iceland



One of my favourite ways to observe this natural sensation is to stay overnight in an igloo under the stars. However, many countries such as Iceland, Finland and Canada offer their own take on the experience. From Jeep safaris to snow treks and even a night time cruise, you're always able to find a way to hunt the sometimes elusive Aurora Borealis. It often tops people's must-do travel experiences, as interest has surged in the past few years fuelled by fellow travellers' tales of extraordinary displays. With a shimmering sky of vivid green and rich purple, fall in love with the Northern Lights.


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