How technology could transform your sales incentives

How technology could transform your sales incentives

12th September 2018

We live in a digital age. We're used to everything being online so our sales incentives should be as well. Making use of an online sales incentive platform to deliver your incentives not only makes it more engaging for your participants - it makes your life easier too. So what opportunities does the use of technology open up for our sales incentives and what things do we need to consider?


7 ways you should be using technology in your sales incentives


The power of gamification

Analysis by Gartner identified 70% of business transformation efforts fail due to a lack of engagement. This is as true for sales incentives as anything else. Gamification has emerged in recent years as a successful way to increase engagement in the workplace and in business initiatives.


Gamification harnesses the psychological behaviours that dictate everyday decision making. It uses elements of competition, task completion, improvement and chance to improve engagement. It's easy to see why gamification works particularly well in a sales environment. Plus it's good fun!


Technology gives you a simple way to utilise gamification in your sales incentives and opens up the gaming options available to you.


The importance of mobile

According to Ofcom, 78% of adults in the UK now own a smartphone. We use smartphones for everything, from shopping through to social interaction.


Mobile technology helps your sales incentives succeed by ensuring your participants have access wherever they are. Salespeople are often on the road and away from the office. Even if they're not, salespeople are still catching-up via their smartphone on the daily commute. Mobile technology makes it easier for your participants to connect with your sales incentives - and for you to communicate with them.


A single, centralised view

Dynamic tools such as dashboards and leaderboards make the metrics of your sales incentives much easier to view and analyse. Using tools such as these is not just a great way for you to assess the effectiveness of your incentives. It engages and motivates your participants by giving them an easy way to see how they're performing - and what they need to do to improve.


Flexible, responsive promotions and incentives

The use of technology gives you much more flexibility and responsiveness in the way you run your sales incentives. For example, you may have a product promotion which is tied to a specific timeframe, or an incentive which needs to be initiated quickly in response to market movement or business need.


An online incentive platform makes it easy to roll out the incentives and promotions that are going to have the most impact, at just the right time.


Testing learned knowledge

How do you know whether your sales teams and channel partners understand your product and are selling it in the right way? Technology provides vast scope for delivering sales training. Incorporating online learning modules in your sales incentives - such as tests and quizzes - enables you to check key sales information and product knowledge has been absorbed and understood.


Better organised solutions

Technology puts you in control of what sales information is captured and how it's collected. It provides a way for salespeople to record their own sales activity online and upload supporting documents as proof. This not only helps you in the fulfilment of your incentives, it gives you and your business valuable insights into what's happening in your sales channels.


Audience segmentation

The success of any sales incentive lies in making sure it's targeted to the right people and the outcomes you want to achieve. The ability to segment your audience by location, team, role or function is essential.


An online incentive platform segments your audience dynamically. Each participant only sees the information, messages and content that is relevant to them. As a result, your participants are more motivated by, and engaged with, your sales incentives.


Are you already using technology to deliver your sales incentives? If not, getting started with an online incentive platform could be easier, and less costly, than you think. Or, if your sales incentives are already online, make sure you're maximising the opportunities this gives you.


Active's PLUSPOINTS online sales incentive platform has been designed to use technology to enhance the effectiveness of sales incentives, integrating many of the features above. We can help you get the most return on your incentives investment. Contact us today to find out more.

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