Core elements for reward and recognition
Craig Thomas

Core elements for a reward & recognition scheme

6th July 2015

When implementing reward and recognition schemes on behalf of our clients, we have found there are five core elements which commonly form the pillars on which a successful scheme is built. Here's a look at those five elements.





Long service awards

Service awards reward and thank individuals for the loyalty they have shown to your company. As well as having awards for significant service milestones, e.g. 10 years or 25 years, it can also prove beneficial to introduce awards at lower levels, such as five years or even one year. Rewarding at multiple levels gives employees a tangible milestone to work towards and can help improve staff retention.


Trophy awards



Annual recognition awards

Annual awards recognise your best and most consistent performers, individuals who have exemplified your company values throughout the year. It is important to give these top performers due recognition and praise for their efforts, and serves as an example for others to aspire to.


Star award



Monthly recognition awards

Monthly awards recognise examples of high performance on a more regular basis. This can be as simple as recognising your 'employee of the month', or can be given in different categories such as 'best example of customer service this month'. The regularity of monthly awards helps increase employee engagement.


Gift envelope



Instant recognition

Having a method whereby line managers can instantly reward individuals within their team can be hugely beneficial. The immediacy and visibility of giving a reward at or around the time a particular behaviour is demonstrated, is both encouraging for the individual and engages the rest of the team.


Thank you note



Thank you messages

Encouraging and facilitating individuals to thank each other helps to create a positive culture and working environment within your company. Receiving a thank you message from a colleague can brighten someone's day and motivate them in their work. Thank you messages can also be expanded upon to create opportunities for colleagues to nominate each other for monthly recognition awards.


There are lots of ways these awards can be implemented within a company. Our online reward and recognition platform includes modules for each of these elements, but other solutions such as vouchers, reward packs or re-chargeable credit cards can also work well.


Active are experienced in delivering successful employee reward and recognition programmes. For more information or to get a quote please contact us.


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