Employee recognition - How to unite a remote workforce

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Employee recognition - How to unite a remote workforce

14th May 2019

Employee recognition programmes can be difficult enough to implement when all your team are office based. But how do you reach out and recognise your team if they work remotely?


Having an easy-to-access recognition platform keeps your team informed, motivated and incentivised, wherever they are. PEOPLEPOINTS, a mobile responsive, employee recognition platform from Active, does just that. All day, every day!



Flexible employee recognition platform


Flexible employee Reward & recognition platform


Mobile responsive

Our recognition website is mobile responsive, giving your participants 24/7 access to the platform from laptop, tablet or mobile phone.



Employee recognition platform - Mobile responsive


'App like' instant access

For those who want instant access from their mobile, they simply save the icon to their mobile phone home screen. This gives them seamless 'app like' access from their phone.



Employee recognition platform - 'App like' instant access


Full functionality

PEOPLEPOINTS enables participants to:


  • send thank you messages
  • nominate colleagues for awards
  • instantly recognise colleagues
  • claim rewards

... and more, all from their mobile.



Employee recognition platform - Full functionality


Performance dashboard

A performance dashboard can be provided for participants that are assigned targets or KPIs.


This gives participants a dynamic view of their targets and performance as a constant reminder of the programme.



Employee recognition platform - Performance dashboard


Push communications

The platform also provides an option for 'push communications', using a seamless SMS interface. This enables you to push key messages out to participants, to motivate, encourage and drive your initiatives.


Communications are controlled by a 'preference centre', so participants only receive messages which are relevant to them.



Employee recognition platform - Push communications



Active are experts in designing bespoke employee recognition programmes. Our online recognition platform provides a comprehensive range of modules to help you build a successful reward and recognition strategy for your organisation, wherever your workforce is based. To find out more contact us today


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