Spotlight on Mauritius as an incentive travel destination
Sarah Vickers
Prize Fulfilment

Spotlight on Mauritius as an incentive travel destination

5th August 2015

If you're looking for an impressive destination for your next incentive, Mauritius could be the perfect solution. By combining the right flights with an all-inclusive hotel you can deliver an incentive travel package for your guests with a real wow factor, while keeping their time out of the office to a minimum. And all this within a budget that won't have you breaking into a cold sweat. 


I recently visited Mauritius on a research trip and believe this beautiful country is the ideal choice for a long haul trip when you're short on time. Here's a closer look at why.




Convenient flights

Direct overnight flights to and from London mean no daylight hours are wasted in the air when you could be enjoying your time on the ground; guests can step off the plane and launch straight into the trip's programme. The small time difference - only three hours - also means there's no issue of jet lag, so you can offer a short trip of just three nights, packed with activities, knowing your guests will be feeling fresh throughout.




Tropical climate

Situated in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has a tropical climate with year round sunshine. There is no real rainy season on the island and temperatures are generally around 20°C each month, with summer temperatures known to reach a scorching 39°C!




Luxury resorts

If you're looking for luxury you can certainly find it in Mauritius. The island has an abundance of 4 and 5 star resorts offering the very best all-inclusive experiences, perfectly suited to groups. Hotels here offer a variety of activities - from wakeboarding to trapeze - and these are often included in an all-inclusive package so you can be sure your guests will have plenty of activities to occupy any time they have at leisure.




Spectacular scenery

Mauritius has no shortage of stunning landscapes; from sun drenched sandy beaches with crystal clear azure waters to the lush, green, mountainous backdrop of the island's central plateau. Being almost completely enclosed by a coral reef, the waters surrounding the island are calm and perfect for swimming or snorkelling. A new picturesque viewpoint is waiting around every turn and these are sure to have your group reaching for their cameras.




Things to do

Mauritius has plenty of activities for an impressive incentive itinerary - from exhilarating zip lining to cultural temple visits. A trip by boat to Blue Bay Marine Park is a must for spectacular views of the mountainous island above the water and to experience the fabulous variety of fish and coral as you snorkel below the water. Of course, it's always important to factor in some time to soak up the sun around your hotel pool - preferably with a cold cocktail in hand from the all-inclusive bar.




Food and drink

For such a small country, Mauritius has a diverse culinary scene due to Creole, French, Chinese and Indian influences from its people. Thanks to the wide assortment of dishes on offer there's sure to be something to please all guests, from fresh fish to the vast array of sweet treats made from local sugarcane. Sugarcane is also used for the production of the country's favourite spirit; there's no better way to end an evening than with a sample or two of Mauritian rum - all in the name of experiencing the culture of course!



Active are experts in arranging incentive travel. For more information on Mauritius, or to get a quote for your next group incentive trip, please contact us.

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