The value of saying thank you

The value of saying thank you

26th April 2016

Saying thank you goes a long way in making employees feel happy and valued in their work and a recent study by the University of Warwick showed that happier employees are more productive. The benefits of colleagues showing their appreciation to each other cannot be underestimated.


Praise is the highest motivator

Of course, taking the time to say thank you can be easily forgotten in a busy workplace, but you may be surprised to learn employees are more motivated by praise from their manager (67%) than an increase in pay (52%). So it's worth taking the time to invest in establishing a culture of appreciation, as a closer look at some more of the facts and figures demonstrates.


What the statistics show

75% of employees say they don't receive enough appreciation from their manager, while 20% say they never receive any form of thanks from their employer.


60% of employees who don't feel appreciated are looking for a job - that's a sobering thought - while 80% of employees who do feel appreciated are staying put.


A person who has been thanked is 35% more likely to help someone the next time they are asked and thanking an employee can increase their productivity by up to 50%.


How to say thank you

Thank you messages can be short and simple; there's no need to spend time agonising over the right words to say. The fact a colleague or manager has taken the time to say thank you is what's important. We have even seen employees taking thank you messages home to show their friends and family!


Messages should be personal, specific and, above all, prompt - it shouldn't be left for days or weeks after the event - as this will have a much greater impact on the recipient.


Building a culture of appreciation

What's most important though is creating an environment where everyone understands the value of saying thank you. To that end, thank you messages should form an integral part of your reward and recognition strategy. Ensuring employees are given recognition for the thanks they receive - be that from colleagues or customers - will help promote a culture of appreciation and keep you on the right side of the statistics.

Active's online recognition platform includes a module to encourage and facilitate colleagues sending thank you messages to each other. For more information, please contact us

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