Reinforce your core values
Craig Thomas

How to reinforce your core values

1st December 2015

When you introduce employees to your business there is inevitably something of a knowledge gap - even for the biggest and best known brands. Conveying your core values plays a key role in creating the company culture you're striving for, as well as achieving the results you want, so it's important to get it right.


Write them down

Inevitably this is the first step for any business looking to define its culture and values. It's not enough to do this alone, but it is an essential part of the process as it will set in stone what those values should be. Many organisations choose to incorporate this into a company handbook as this is a simple first step to getting that message across.


Bring your values to life

It doesn't matter how much time you spend producing a detailed set of core values, unless they take on a 3D quality at any point your workforce is going to struggle to get their heads around them. There are many ways you can introduce reference points into daily routines that will demonstrate the values your business has been built on, from the way you structure meetings through to the language used in emails.


Lead by example

You are your own best example so give your employees the chance to see what embodiment of the business's core values looks like by doing it yourself. Most employees will take their workplace cues from someone more senior and if you're at the top of the tree then this means you can have a trickledown effect. Make communication of core values something your managers recognise as important too and be sure they understand what those core values are before passing them on.


Recognise when core values are being utilised

Reinforcing positive behaviour is one of the simplest ways to make sure that it continues. Recognition of the right kind of behaviour or decisions is a great way to show the employee doing it that they’re on the right path, while also setting an example for others who might be looking for some guidance. Encourage others to carry out the same recognition and you’ll create a positive culture that begins to reinforce itself.


Align values with business goals

It will be much easier for employees to grasp what is required of them if core values sit comfortably alongside the business targets. In most cases these targets and values will naturally be one extension of the other, but it's worth checking you're not giving conflicting messages by demanding core values that don't sit well with the business goals.


Reward your employees for getting it right

As well as recognising people and actions that are a fantastic example of your company culture, reward them too. Rewards and incentives are incredibly motivational and this is an easy way to make sure that people take the time to understand the business's core values and to work them into their daily routines.


Active's employee reward and recognition programmes can help you communicate and support your core values by making them an integral part of your strategy. Our online recognition platform provides a comprehensive range of modules to help you build a successful reward and recognition strategy to drive productivity and engagement across your organisation. For more information or a live demo, please contact us

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