Top 10 things to do in January
Craig Thomas

Top 10 things to do in January

4th January 2016

The nights are long, the weather's distinctly British and consumers are no doubt recovering from the excesses of Christmas, but January doesn't need to be all doom and gloom. Here's 10 exciting prize ideas for your clients and customers that are sure to beat away the January blues and start their year with a bang. All of these events and locations would work well for prize winners or as the basis for a group incentive trip.


Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Dayou_X | Creative Commons



Harbin Ice Festival, China

Marvel at the world's biggest ice sculptures at the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. Sculptors from around the world create breathtaking works of art using more than four million cubic feet of ice from the frozen surface of the Songhua River. Lights are used to give colour to the ice, making it particularly impressive at night. While in Harbin there is a variety of winter activities to be enjoyed, including skiing, dog-sledding and watching the brave winter swimmers take a dip in the icy waters.   


Promotion & incentive ideas - Rainbow Serpent Festival | Creative Commons



Rainbow Serpent Festival, Australia

If you'd prefer to escape to warmer climes, head down under to Western Victoria for this eclectic music and arts festival. The Rainbow Serpent festival - the name of which originates from the aboriginal Dreamtime creation story - has evolved from a small gathering in a secluded clearing to an internationally recognised event. Taking place over the Australia Day weekend, this is an opportunity to leave behind the excesses of modern life and reconnect with the earth.   


Up Helly Aa, Scotland

Mike Pennington | Creative Commons



Up Helly Aa, Scotland

On the last Tuesday in January, the Shetland island of Lerwick plays host to one of the world's more remote festivals. This annual fire festival culminates in a torch-lit procession, led by costumed warriors, and the burning of a traditional Viking galley.  


Northern Lights, Iceland

Moyan Brenn | Creative Commons



Northern Lights, Iceland

The natural phenomena which are the Northern Lights are probably on most people's bucket list. Iceland is an increasing popular destination to try to spot the Aurora with the long, dark nights of January being an ideal time to see this multitude of colours dancing across the sky. A truly once in a lifetime experience - but be prepared to wrap up warm! 


Venice Carnival

anja_johnson | Creative Commons



Venice Carnival, Italy

Famous for the wearing of decorative masks, this historic carnival, first held in the twelfth century, was revived in 1979 having been outlawed 200 years earlier. The festival begins with a masked procession in St. Mark's Square and climaxes 10 days later on Martedì Grasso (Shrove Tuesday) with a candlelit water parade and fireworks display. Don your own elaborate costume and enjoy the live music, theatre and masked balls which make up this elegant and colourful event.


bjaglin | Creative Commons



Ice Hotel, Sweden

For the kind of person who embraces the cold, the Ice Hotel promises the most unusual and memorable night of your life. Located in Swedish Lapland, the world's largest igloo is an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for all who are lucky enough to experience it. Rebuilt every year from more than 1,500 tonnes of snow and ice and covering 5,500 square metres, it serves as a hotel, gallery, restaurant, exhibition hall and church.


Jam Cruise, Florida

Nicholas Fitanides | Creative Commons



Jam Cruise, USA

If you haven't partied enough over Christmas then step aboard this Caribbean cruise ship for a five-day floating music festival. There's no time to be wasted with a pool, spa and casino on board and activities throughout the day ranging from music workshops and seminars, to poker tournaments and beer tasting. Once the sun goes down head to the jazz lounge for some live music or join the party at one of the wild and wacky theme nights.


La Tamborrada, Spain

bichuas | Creative Commons



La Tamborrada, Spain

On January 20th every year, the Spanish town of San Sebastián celebrates its patron saint with a 24-hour drum festival running from midnight to midnight. Over 100 drum companies, each with 20 to 50 drummers dressed as soldiers and cooks, are joined by brass bands to create a cacophany of noise. Make sure you take your ear plugs!


Boot Camp

Barney Moss | Creative Commons



Boutique Boot Camp, UK

What better way to start your new year's fitness regime than with an intensive boot camp? You’ll be put through your paces with circuit training, power marches and boxing, along with relaxing yoga sessions and healthy meals. After a hard day of training you can enjoy a well earned rest in your luxury, boutique hotel room.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Quebec Winter Carnival

Mark Goebel | Creative Commons



Quebec Winter Carnival, Canada

With an outdoor amusement park, ice slides, dogsled rides, parades and more, there are more than enough reasons to bundle up and go out to play at this winter festival. The night-time parades, with their elaborate procession of decorated floats, are sensational. With some of the most quaint architecture in North America, Québec City is an atmospheric place for this winter wonderland. The whole experience will make you feel like you are living in a beautiful, intricate snow globe, made all the more spectacular by a fireworks finale.



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