Top 10 things to do in March
Sarah Vickers
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Top 10 things to do in March

3rd March 2016

March has finally arrived and spring is in sight. The days are getting longer and it shouldn't be long until the weather starts to warm up. While you're waiting for the first glimpses of spring sunshine here's 10 exciting prize ideas for competitions or group trips to set your imagination running.


Steven Gerner | Creative Commons



Holi, India

The perfect way to welcome in the colourful spring season, Holi is a celebration like no other. Throughout India the streets are filled with locals and tourists alike, who celebrate the festival by throwing bright dyes, powders and liquids. The rainbow of hues created, coupled with the sheer energy of the event, makes this an incredible time to visit India.



kris krüg | Creative Commons



SXSW, Austin, USA

Originally an indie music festival, South by Southwest (SXSW) has expanded over recent years to include a film programme to rival that of Cannes, as well as a technology showcase. Much of SXSW's music scene is dedicated to showcasing up and coming new performers so this is the perfect place to discover your new favourite artist. Away from the festival, the city of Austin is a vibrant and interesting city with some of the best food in Texas; make sure you get out and explore!


St Patrick's Day

Bkkbrad | Creative Commons



St. Patrick's Day, Ireland

On the 17th March each year an army of green-clad revellers celebrate the day of the Irish patron saint with dancing, merriment and copious amounts of Guinness. No-one parties like the the Irish so come and experience the craic for yourself.


national grape harvest, Argentina

Mendoza is Argentina's most famous wine growing region and the perfect host location for the country's biggest wine party. The celebrations last 10 days and include fireworks, parades, dancing and - of course - plenty of opportunities for wine tastings. One of the highlights of the harvest is the crowning of the Harvest Queen, a title which is taken very seriously. Visitors line the streets for a glimpse of the contenders in the hope that they can catch a cluster of grapes thrown by their favourite.


Beyond Wonderland

Roxanna Salceda | Creative Commons



Beyond Wonderland, California, Usa

Beyond Wonderland is Alice's adventures meets festival frolics. Indulge in an 'Eat Me' cupcake à la Wonderland; dance to dubstep at the Queen's Domain stage, complete with giant hookah-smoking caterpillar; or listen to booming baselines at the Mad Hatter's Castle. Beyond Wonderland is a sexy, sparkling, storybook festival like no other.


Semana Santa

Tracy Barnett | Creative Commons



Semana Santa, Guatemala

Guatemala's holy holiday celebrates the resurrection of Christ. The Holy Week is honoured with float processions depicting Christ on the cross. These are carried through towns by hundreds of devotees dressed in the pointed purple robes for which the celebration is known. After the parades be sure to explore the rest of Guatemala including mesmerising Lake Atitlan and the ancient ruins at Tikal.


Calle Ocho, Miami, USA

The Calle Ocho festival is a laid back Latino fiesta set on the streets of party-loving Miami. Held across 23 city blocks in Little Havana, Calle Ocho is all about chilled tunes and succulent street food. Stroll from the sounds of salsa to music of merengue, stopping on route to pick up delicious pinchos and tamales.


Chichen Itza Equinox

ATSZ56 | Creative Commons [Public domain]



Equinox at ChichÉn ItzÁ, Mexico

Chichén Itzá is an awe-inspiring sight at the best of times but no more so than during the equinox, when the light falls in a unique way said to be symbolic of day and night. Large crowds of visitors flock to the ancient Mayan city to witness the spectacle for themselves and explore the famous ruins.


BaliSpirit Festival

Midori | Creative Commons



Balispirit Festival, Indonesia

While most festivals are all about excess, BaliSpirit promises to leave you feeling built-up, not burnt-out. Set in the luscious surroundings of beautiful Ubud, BaliSpirit is an oasis of calm where you can participate in yoga sessions, take an art class or join a tour of the local temples. There are also health and nutrition workshops, healing huts and VIP events including stylish cocktail parties.


Splashy Fen Music Festival, South Africa

Splashy Fen is a four day music festival extravaganza - the largest of its kind in South Africa. The festival prides itself on being an inclusive event; music is provided from all over the country, including a range of genres ranging from rock to techno. Traditional African music also plays a big part in the festival, giving visitors a chance to experience the diversity of the nation.



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