Top 10 things to do in April
Sarah Vickers
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Top 10 things to do in April

4th April 2016

April is here, bringing with it spring blossom, warm sunshine and blissfully longer days. Here are our favourite recommendations for competition prizes or group incentive trips to see in the spring season.



Drew Ressler | Creative Commons



Coachella, California, USA

A festival-goer favourite, Coachella has been gaining popularity since its launch in 1999, growing to the three day extravaganza it is today. Set in the Southern Californian desert, the festival boasts an impressive line up each year of both up and coming acts and big names. All this is combined with creative art installations, blazing sunshine and incredible danceathons.


Witches' Night

Michael Panse | Creative Commons



Witches' Night, Germany

Celebrated throughout Northern and Central Europe, Witches' Night is an ancient festival said to ward off evil spirits whilst welcoming in the spring season. One of the best countries to visit for an authentic Witches' Night experience is Germany, where bonfires are lit and locals dance wildly to deter witches and spirits from their approach.



JJ Harrison | Creative Commons



Songkran, Thailand

Songkran Festival is perhaps better known as the world's largest water fight. Locals and tourists alike take to the streets armed with water pistols, buckets and water balloons to give each other a thorough soaking in the name of cleansing and renewal. Chiang Mai is perhaps the best location to visit to take part in the festivities. Here the city's moat is the focal point for the celebrations, ensuring a never ending supply of water.


Tortuga Music Festival

Tortuga Music Festival | Creative Commons



Tortuga Music Festival, Florida, USA

Although still a relative newbie on the festival scene, Tortuga already has a dedicated following of fans. A mix of country music and conservation, festival-goers are encouraged to grab a trash bag and tidy the beach while enjoying the sounds of headline country superstars such as Sheryl Crow, Kenny Chesney and Lynyrd Skynyrd.



Matt Biddulph | Creative Commons



Snowbombing, Austria

Snowbombing is the ultimate après-ski style festival combining a mix of winter sports, themed parties and live music acts all set against the backdrop of the stunning Austrian Alps. What started as a dance festival has evolved into an eclectic line up showcasing a variety of musical acts in venues such as the Arctic Igloo and the Forest Party. There's also a fancy dress street party and ski and snowboarding competitions to enjoy.


Beltane Fire Festival

Alasdair | Creative Commons



Beltane Fire Festival, Scotland

A traditional Celtic celebration marking the beginning of summer, the Beltane Fire Festival is held on the last night of April each year. There are various elements to the festival, but perhaps the most important - and most dramatic - is the lighting of the bonfires which symbolise the growing power of the sun as summer approaches. Brave Scots dance around and jump across the enormous bonfire, often ripping their clothes off in celebration!


New Orleans Jazz Festival

Takahiro Kyono | Creative Commons



New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, USA

If you can't make it to Madri Gras, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is a more relaxed way to experience Nola's music and culture, showcasing the best of the Big Easy's soulful vibes. Big name jazz acts perform at fairground venues throughout the festival but it's also worth heading downtown to the clubs which host blues, rock and funk shows.



Jolene Bertoldi | Creative Commons



Afrikaburn, South Africa

Similar in many ways to its mother event Burning Man, Afrikaburn is set 250 miles outside of Cape Town meaning you'll need to be pretty committed to the drive to get there. Those that do make the trek will be rewarded with a festival that retains an intimate feel that Burning Man lacks. The temporary city in the desert is walkable, allowing revelers to fully appreciate the range of art installations and absorb more of the music scene which is focused on house and trance acts.


King's Day

currystrumpet | Creative Commons



King's Day, Netherlands

The Netherlands' annual party for their reigning monarch's birthday, King's Day is a fantastic time to visit the country, particularly its capital. Take to the streets or canals of Amsterdam in your best orange-coloured finery and join the country's wildest celebration of the year.


Vive Latino

Juan Son | Creative Commons



Vive Latino, Mexico

Vive Latino started life as an exclusively Latin American music festival as the name suggests, but since its beginning in 2000 has grown in size and popularity, transforming into one of the biggest alternative rock festivals of its kind. Set in Mexico City, a place once avoided by tourists, spend some time after the festival exploring this up and coming travel destination and its all-night club scene.



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