Spotlight on Reykjavik as an incentive travel destination
Craig Thomas

Spotlight on Reykjavik as an incentive travel destination

24th May 2016

Reykjavik is a fantastic incentive travel destination, delivering a mix of incredible natural experiences - from whale watching with a chance to see the Northern lights, to Super Jeep trips onto glaciers. Add in cool and stylish hotels, restaurants and bars, along with a reputation as one of Europe's best nightlife scenes and there's nothing not to like!
I went on a research trip to Iceland last autumn and am already planning  a return to the land of ice and fire; let me share with you some of it's magic.


4x4, Iceland


Reykjavik incentive trip



What to do in Reykjavik

Reykjavik city centre is picture postcard pretty and there are enough shops, cafés and restaurants to keep you busy when you are not out exploring. Obvious excursion options are the 4x4 Golden Circle tour where you'll see Gullfoss - Iceland's most majestic waterfall - as well as witnessing the power of Geysir - the geyser for which all others are named. Another option is a trip in Super Jeeps onto Langjökull Glacier for a snowmobile trek across the icy wastelands. The Blue Lagoon is also must . You might wonder what all the fuss is about but once you have applied a silica face mask and are on your second glass of beer or Prosecco it all seems to make perfect sense. For the more adventurous  there are options of camping out on a glacier or a black volcanic beach, ice climbing or caving.


Dining out in Reykjavik

Reykjavik has an abundance of fantastic restaurants, including numerous fine dining establishments with renowned chefs priding themselves on using fresh, Icelandic ingredients. Icelandic cuisine focuses on seafood, lamb and the Icelandic dairy product ‘skyr'. Generally we suggest one dinner in a typical Icelandic restaurant, where guests might try some traditional dishes, and one in a more contemporary restaurant to sample national cuisine with a modern twist.


Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Reykjavik incentive trip


Snowmobiles, Iceland



Nightlife in  Reykjavik

Reykjavik has a reputation for great nightlife and it's easy to see why. It's no Ibiza and there's no big clubs per-se, but it's cool, it's friendly, it's compact and it's fun. In the centre of town the nightlife is rich and varied; you can stroll from a casual venue with guys playing an acoustic set, to a bar playing techno,  to a super cool lounge which seems to have a door policy of cool and chic. Most of the pubs and bars are on Laugavegur and the adjoining streets, there are no entrance fees, few queues and no real dress policy (although Icelanders are always stylish), so you can't really go wrong. Snaps and Loftid are some of my personal recommendations, but I defy anyone to go out in Reykjavik and not find a place they like for a great night out.


Hotels in Reykjavik

The clear choices are in town The Borg, Apotek or Hotel 101, although the new Icelandair hotel on the marina is definitely worth a look if you have a trendy crowd, the vibe here is Shoreditch meets snow and ice. The Hilton is a little more on the outskirts but is one of the coolest I have ever stayed in, with stylish rooms and some great private dining and bar areas. If you have an extra night and want to explore further afield, a night at the Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel around an hour from Reykjavik is definitely worth the trip just to have a drink in their stunning Northern Lights Bar.


Reykjavik incentive trip



Key facts

Reykjavik is one hour behind of GMT, from the UK to Reykjavik there are a number of direct flights with a  flight time of three hours, making it suitable for a weekend trip of two to four nights. Our standard itinerary is two nights. For incentive groups you can more or less travel any time of year, but we prefer it as a winter destination.



Active are experts in arranging incentive travel. For more information on Reykjavik, or to get a quote for your next group incentive trip, please contact us.

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