Promotion & incentive ideas - Top 10 things to do in November
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Promotion & incentive ideas - Top 10 things to do in November

1st November 2016

With fireworks and bonfires brightening the dark winter nights, many of our event choices this month are all about illuminating chilly November in a blanket of celebratory colours. Read on to discover our favourite events at home and further afield which bring a spark of light to this winter month and could brighten your next incentive or promotion.


Promotion & incentive ideas for November


Promotion & incentive ideas - Day of the Dead

maliaitzel | Creative Commons



Day of the Dead, Mexico

Unlike Halloween, Day of the Dead is not about fearing those who have passed but honouring and remembering them. Some of the biggest celebrations take place in Oaxaca where you'll see many of the most colourful decorative displays in the country. Food plays a big part in the festival, with feasts of Mexican treats laid on throughout the event. Sugar skulls are also created by families as a sign of remembrance, a tradition that has evolved to include sugar skull face painting - an art which is embraced by both locals and visitors.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Lewes Bonfire

Miles Sabin | Creative Commons



Lewes Bonfire, England

One of the biggest Bonfire Night events in England is set in the Sussex town of Lewes, a short drive from Brighton. Lewes has a range of Bonfire Societies representing the different regions of the town. Each society has its own colours and costumes and much planning goes into the run up to Bonfire Night when parades march through the town and elaborate effigies are burnt.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Iceland Airwaves

oliver.wolf | Creative Commons



Iceland Airwaves, Iceland

Iceland has enough attractions to draw visitors at any time of year, but coupling a visit to the land of fire and ice with a few days at an alternative rock festival is sure to take your trip to the next level. Iceland Airwaves takes over the city of Reykjavik at the start of November with music events held throughout the city. This alternative festival is all about showcasing homegrown or lesser known acts, so hop your way around the venues and you're sure to come home with some new favourite artists.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Melbourne Cup

Chris Phutully | Creative Commons



Melbourne Cup Carnival, Australia

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is the largest event in Australia's racing calendar. Its popularity is such that it has even been declared a public holiday in the state of Victoria. This almost two mile long race gives plenty of time to build the crowd's excitement. As well as winning big on the horses, race-goers are encouraged to dress to impress with prizes awarded in the Fashions on the Field event for those who are deemed best dressed.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Krampusnacht

Johann Jaritz | Creative Commons



Krampusnacht Festival, Austria

With the festive season approaching, many people's thoughts in November will be turning towards Christmas and St. Nick. In Austria, however, there's a sinister twist to the festive tales for those children who haven't been good. Legend has it that a terrifying horned beast called the Krampus steals and eats the children on St. Nick's naughty list! Krampus themed events take place across Austria with the largest held in the town of Klagenfurt. Around 1,000 people dressed as Krampi descend on the town for a Krampus Run through the streets which is followed by a late night metal-fuelled after party.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Thailand Lantern Festival

Kashif Pathan | Creative Commons



Lantern Festival, Thailand

One of Thailand's most famous and bucket list worthy events, the Lantern Festival known as Yi Peng is a spiritual celebration rooted in Buddhism. During this festival of lights, thousands of people gather together to release brightly lit lanterns into the night sky. The ritual is symbolic of new beginnings and letting go of negativity. Viewing the resulting blanket of light is an ethereal experience and tourists are welcomed to join in the celebrations by releasing their own lanterns along with the locals.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Festival of the Sahara

McKay Savage | Creative Commons



International festival of the Sahara, Tunisia

If you're looking for adventures off the beaten track, the International Festival of the Sahara proves it's possible to throw an event in one of the least hospitable environments on the planet. Set in the rolling sand dunes outside the town of Douz, the International Festival of the Sahara celebrates the traditions of the desert. Some of the most popular events include Bedouin dancing and camel racing. Visitors can also take the opportunity to see the dunes from above in a hot air balloon, or sand ski down them for an exhilarating adrenaline rush.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Anthony Quintano | Creative Commons



Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, New York, USA

2016 marks the 90th anniversary of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The streets of New York are lined each year with a parade of flamboyant floats and balloons. Some of the highlights of this year's parade include giant Pikachu and Hello Kitty balloons, as well as classic floats like Santa's sleigh and a Thanksgiving turkey.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Strawberry Fields

remixyourface | Creative Commons



Strawberry Fields, Australia

Set in a small town in the New South Wales bush, Strawberry Fields is an intimate festival focused on techno and electronic music. Festival-goers are encourage to participate fully in the event by contributing art, hosting a themed campsite or even taking to the stage.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Guru Nanak Jayanti

Giridhar Appaji Nag Y | Creative Commons



Guru Nanak Jayanti, India

Guru Nanak Jayanti celebrates the birthday of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism and one of the Sikh gurus. Held at the lake surrounding the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the temple is lit with twinkling lights and the glow of the full moon. Although primarily a religious celebration, this is a visually stunning spectacle which is well worth a visit if your trip to India coincides with the celebrations.



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