Sales incentives case study - SPIF days
Craig Thomas

Sales incentives case study - SPIF day for IT distributor

16th August 2016

Are you a manufacturer promoting your product into the channel, a distributor inspiring your sales team to sell specific products or services, or a call centre that needs to maintain high energy levels on the floor? If so, SPIF days, call out days, hype days, blitz days - or whatever you choose to call them - are likely to be an important part of your sales incentives strategy.


Active were tasked by this award winning IT distributor to provide a themed SPIF incentive to run throughout July. Our incentive specialists worked together with our events team to create a four week extravaganza of interactive games and competitions focussed on driving sales. The mechanic of the incentive was central to the planning, including how rewards would be issued and communicating progress to the participants.


The brief

The concept for the incentive had to be both strong and versatile - strong enough to engage and motivate a young, ambitious sales team and versatile enough to allow various vendors and manufacturers to 'buy in' and use the theme to host their own, individual SPIF days within the programme. 



Sales incentives - Tennis competition 

The response

With the Olympics just around the corner (but being mindful of licensing restrictions) a sports related theme of 'The Games' was created, with a wide range of fun, sporty challenges for teams to compete in throughout the month. The office was decorated in keeping with the theme and an online portal was provided to manage the allocation and distribution of rewards and prizes. 



Sales incentives - Basketball competition 

An eventful month

Following the initial launch the campaign ran for a four week period, with three SPIF days each week. Active's host, Jonno, together with our energetic onsite team, were key to creating the buzz and providing the fun throughout each day - interacting with the teams and managing the games.


Games ranged from quick ice-breakers, such as 'the kit strip challenge' and 'tennis grunt off', to fun office games such as 'the desk slam dunk' and 'hole in one'. Some games were one-offs while others, like the 'fussball league playoffs', ran throughout the week to build-up the competitiveness.


Each week had its own theme, e.g. football, tennis, track & field, and our onsite team worked closely with the internal sales teams and vendors to tailor each day to their requirements - adapting the structure of the day, the games and the prize options to meet their needs.



Sales incentives - Golf competition


Sales incentives - Virtual reality competition 

It's a team thing

The theme was extended beyond the sales team across the whole company, with a company-wide competition encouraging everyone to take part in mini challenges to win fun rewards such as cup cakes, ice creams, pizza and medals.



Sales incentives - Fun rewards 

Event management

Our onsite team handled the planning, logistics and running of all the games, reporting on performance and issuing rewards. Good communication was central to this, keeping the key stakeholders informed and liaising with vendors, product managers and sales team leaders throughout.



Sales incentives - Fussball competition

The results

'The Games' proved successful in creating a highly-charged and competitive atmosphere on the sales floor. As a result, the sales team showed increased energy and were enthused and driven to get on the phones, make calls and deliver sales.



Sales incentives - Winners' trophy


Active are experts in delivering SPIF days and events for sales incentives. For more information or to get a quote please contact us.

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