Promotion & incentive ideas - Top 10 trips to take this spring
Sarah Vickers
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Promotion and incentive ideas - Top 10 trips to take this spring

1st May 2017

If the recent Easter break has given you a taste for a long weekend, May is the perfect time for a trip away. With bank holidays at the start and end of the month, we've compiled a list of our favourite destinations for a weekend break. We've steered clear of the obvious, so you won't find your classic Barcelona or Paris here but you may find a hidden gem you might not have considered. All of these locations would make great incentive prizes.


Promotion & incentive prize ideas for a spring weekend away


Promotion & incentive ideas - Cinque Terre

Vernazza, one of the five towns making up Cinque Terre



Cinque Terre, Italy

Italy's Cinque Terre (meaning five lands) are a series of villages set on the Italian Riveria, nestled between the rugged hillsides and the Ligurian coast. Although you can get the train between each village, the biggest 'wow factor' views are from the hiking trails between the five. There's nothing like the sense of awe and achievement as you round a corner and get your first glimpse of each pastel-hued village. Hiking the trails is also an excellent excuse to reward yourself with creamy Italian gelato, cones of freshly caught seafood and plates piled high with homemade pasta.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Cambridge

Punting on the River Cam in Cambridge



Cambridge, England

With the weather starting to get brighter here in the UK, it's not essential to head abroad for a break. The prestigious university town of Cambridge is most well-known for its college grounds with their exquisite architecture. A punt along the river allows you to view the world famous college 'backs'. You can opt for a chauffeur to guide the boat along and provide insight into the city's history but often you'll have the most fun navigating the boat along the river yourself.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Dubrovnik

The orange rooftops of Dubrovnik



Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is the perfect mix of culture and cool. This orange roof topped city has the unique claim of being both a UNESCO world heritage site and the filming location for some of the most famous scenes from the TV show Games of Thrones. Dubrovnik is a vibrant city which offers all the essentials for a perfect weekend break; there's the beautiful weather, the nearby islands filled with golden sandy beaches, stunning views from the city walls and an abundance of stylish restaurants and bars. What more could you want?


Promotion & incentive ideas - Porto

Wine cellars in Porto



Porto, Portugal

Set on the banks of the Douro River, Porto's colourful streets invite you to get lost in the best way possible. Stroll around the city and you'll discover snippets of street art, intricate azulejo-clad buildings and grand bookstores. Don't miss exploring the southern side of the city - it's here that you'll find Porto's famous port cellars. There's dozens of port houses to choose from but Taylor's was my personal favourite for tastings. Speaking of tastings, you can't leave Porto without sampling their delicious Francesinhas. This is a sandwich like no other. It's packed with a variety of meats and smothered in cheese and a spicy beer based sauce. One of the best places to try this delicacy is at Café Santiago, although popular with tourists and locals alike, it's well worth the hype.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Bergen

The colourful buildings on Bergen's waterfront



Bergen, Norway

May in Bergen claims to be the least rainy month and - whilst we can't guarantee blue skies - it is one of the best times in which to visit this colourful town. Known as the gateway to the fjords, Bergen itself is small enough to be explored in a day or two before taking a boat trip to explore nearby Sognefjord. This is Norway's longest and deepest fjord and one of the country's most sought after hiking areas. Must see sights in Bergen itself are the wooden buildings of Bryggen and the sprawling view of the city from Fløyen.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Big Sur

The dramatic Bixby Bridge on Highway 1 in California



Californian Coast, USA

For adventure further afield, May is the perfect time for a road trip along the California coast. Fly into San Diego or LA and make your way up to San Francisco along Highway 1 - said to be the best road in the world. En route stop to admire the colonial architecture of Santa Barbara; be awed by the views of the Big Sur coastline; and take in the beauty of McWay Falls, a spectacular waterfall which flows straight into the sea. You could even detour to see the majestic panoramas of Yosemite National Park.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Budva

The exclusive resort of Sveti Stefan near Budva



Budva, Montenegro

Budva makes the perfect base for a trip exploring Montenegro. The country is small enough that driving between its biggest attractions over the course of a few days is simple. You'll want to base yourself somewhere with a bit of action come evening though and Budva is just that place. Sometimes called the Miami or Monte Carlo of Montenegro, Budva has a buzzing nightlife, stunning beaches and even a few casinos. That's not to say it's a town without charm though; Stari Gard (or the Old Town) rises from the waters below with winding streets to explore and town walls to walk. A short drive along the coast brings you to Sveti Stefan, a 5-star resort on a small islet which has long been a favourite holiday destination for the rich and famous. The islet's pristine beaches are the perfect place to catch some rays.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Edinburgh

View of Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat



Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland sees some of its best weather in May so this month is the perfect time for a trip to the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Walk the Royal Mile, hike to the top of Arthur's Seat and scale the stairs of Scot's Monument. Once you've worked up an appetite from all that sightseeing, pull up a stool at The Whiski Rooms, one of my favourite restaurants in Edinburgh. Here you'll find fantastic Scottish dishes paired with the perfect complimentary whisky.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Riga

Outdoor cafés in front of Riga's Dome Cathedral



Riga, Latvia

The petite capital city of Riga is a great destination for a weekend away. The city is small and walkable with food markets to wander, intricate architecture to admire and history museums to peruse. What struck me most when visiting Riga though was its restaurant and bar scene. Although it can take a little digging to find, the city is home to some real gems when it comes to food and drink. Some of my favourites were Easy Wine, a wine bar where you select and pour your wines yourself, meaning you get to try a selection of their delicious offerings; Folkklubs, an underground bar with live music and some of the most delicious desserts I've had anywhere; and the Skyline bar, where you can admire views of the city whilst sampling cocktails made with Latvian Black Balsam.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Pokhara

Boats by the shore of Phewa Lake in Pokhara



Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara is known for being the gateway to Nepal's Annapurna trekking region so if you're looking for an adventurous break this is the place to base yourself. There are some strenuous hikes to be undertaken in Nepal but a relaxing stop in Pokhara is the perfect way to reward yourself once they're complete. From the shores of Pokhara's lake, you can unwind and take in the views of the surrounding mountains. An even better way to view them though is from the skies on a paragliding adventure.


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