Promotion and incentive ideas - Top 10 experiences for him
Sarah Vickers
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Promotion and incentive ideas - Top 10 experiences 'for him'

6th June 2017

Father's Day is June's main event, so given that men are often difficult to buy for, we've put together our list of ultimate experiences 'for him'. Whether you're looking for a Father's Day gift idea, a treat for the man in your life, or an exciting trip for yourself, take a look at our top experience choices. All these would make great incentive prizes.


Promotion & incentive prize ideas for experiences he'll love


Promotion & incentive ideas - Beale Street, Memphis, USA

Beale Street in Memphis



Deep South road trip, USA

This is the ultimate road trip for any music lover. Start in Nashville, where you'll need to grab your cowboy hat and boots to learn all about country music at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Next, it's on to Memphis, the birthplace of rock 'n' roll. Visit Elvis's Graceland mansion then spend your nights on Beale Street exploring the eclectic music offerings. Be sure to try some of the city's famous BBQ ribs while you're here too. Finally, finish up in New Orleans. This is a city where the music spills from every doorway. Spend some time enjoying the sounds on famous Bourbon Street, or retreat to quieter Frenchmen Street where you'll have as much fun, but with fewer crowds.


ArcelorMittal Orbit | TripAdvisor



World's Longest Slide, England

Originally created for the 2012 Olympics, the ArcelorMittal Orbit has been transformed into the world's longest and highest tunnel slide. After ascending to the top of this bizarre-looking structure, you'll have time to admire the views of London before beginning your descent. The slide itself takes just 40 seconds to cover 178m. You'll spin around the Orbit 12 times and end with a 50m straight descent back to ground level. The perfect high-speed thrill.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Diving with great white sharks

Diving with great white sharks



Dive with great whites, South Africa

This heart-stopping experience is one for true thrill seekers. Gansbaai in South Africa is known as the great white shark capital of the world. It's from here that you can get up close and personal with the most terrifying predators on Earth. Take a deep breath as your submerge yourself underwater in the shark cage. You'll be metres from these fascinating creatures and able to view every elegant twist and turn under the water.


Pivni Lazne Spa Beerland | TripAdvisor



Bathe in Beer, Czechia

Not all men will name a spa day as their treat of choice but this spa in Prague has a unique selling point: beer. The beer spa experience begins with a soak in a beer bath. Bathing in beer is said to 'cleanse the pores, increase pulmonary circulation, regenerate skin and hair and revitalise the nervous system'. You can opt to follow your bath with a beer massage for optimum relaxation. Throughout your time at the spa, you can also enjoy unlimited beer - just to help you relax even further of course!


Zip World | TripAdvisor



Panoramic Zip Line, Wales

Velocity at Llechwedd Slate Caverns in Wales holds the accolade of being the fastest zip line in the world and the longest in Europe. Race against a partner as you zoom headfirst down a mile long zip line. You'll reach speeds which can exceed 100mph. It's the closest thing to flying and your heart will be in your mouth once you reach the bottom. If you dare to open your eyes on the way down, take a second to appreciate the spectacular views of the Welsh countryside as you speed past them.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Diving in Silfra, Iceland

Diving in Silfra, Iceland



Dive between continents, Iceland

The land of fire and ice offers an abundance of adventurous activities. One of our favourites is diving between tectonic plates at Silfra in Thingvellier National Park. This is one of only two places in the world where separating plates are visible with the naked eye. It's here that you can snorkel or dive between the North America and Eurasian plates. Although there's not much marine life here, the water is so clear that visibility is over 100m, giving you pristine views of your surroundings as you swim between the plates. It's a surreal experience and a big bucket list tick.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Cycling 'death road', Bolivia

Cycling on Bolivia's 'death road'



Cycle the 'death road', Bolivia

Named as the world's most dangerous road, Yungas Road in Bolivia isn't nicknamed the 'death road' for nothing. But if you're looking for thrills, why not cycle down it? This infamous road is a guardrail-less, narrow dirt track where one wrong move could be your last. Over the course of five hours, you'll descend 2000m and cover 64km. Along the way, you'll pass cascading waterfalls, towering mountain peaks and, of course, terrifying sheer drops. This is definitely not a ride for the faint-hearted!


Virtual Aviation | TripAdvisor



Fly a Boeing 737, England

This is the perfect experience day for travel lovers, frequent flyers or anyone who's ever dreamed of being a pilot. Enter the cockpit of a Boeing 737 simulator, choose your destination and weather conditions, then it's time for take off. You'll be instructed on the ins and outs of flying, before taking charge of the plane yourself for 60 minutes of 'flight' time, including coming in to land on the tarmac of your chosen destination.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Transfagarasan Highway, Romania

The Transfagarasan Highway in Romania



Drive the Transfagarasan Highway, Romania

Romania may not be top of everyone's travel lists, but this lesser-known country has one of the best driving roads in the world. Covering 150km, including 90km of twists and turns, the road itself is a driver's dream. The outstanding scenery doesn't hurt either. As you drive through the mountains you'll glimpse beautiful lakes and waterfalls - but be sure to keep your eyes on those hairpins turns. To extend your trip even further, stop at Bran Castle for a history of Dracula or head into the wilderness on a bear-spotting adventure.


Promotion & incentive ideas - Wilderness survival

Wilderness survival



Wilderness Survival, Belize

This is one of the most extreme prizes we've fulfilled and would make the perfect trip for anyone who fancies themselves as a bit of a Bear Grylls. After receiving some initial training from an ex-Special Forces survival expert, your helicopter has to ditch and you have to jump. What follows is a simulated survival situation on a deserted island. You'll have to survive with only what you jumped with. Using the skills learnt in training you'll need to catch food, turn seawater into drinking water and improvise shelter until the rescue team arrive.


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