Eight unusual activity ideas for corporate events
Sarah Vickers
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UK corporate event ideas - 8 unusual team activities

25th January 2018

Whether your event needs to motivate, celebrate or recognise, we know how difficult it can be to find activities your guests will really get excited about. If you think you've done every event there is, take a look at this list of unusual activity ideas. You're sure to find something you haven't considered before for your next corporate event.


Eight of our favourite unusual activity ideas for your next corporate event


Corporate Events - EXIT Newcastle

EXIT Newcastle | TripAdvisor



Escape Games

Escape games have spiralled in popularity over the past few years, with new ones appearing in most big cities. They're perfect whether you're looking for an activity with a team building element or just for something fun and exciting. The aim of the game is simple enough, your team is locked in a room and you have an hour to escape. You'll be given a series of challenges and clues but then it's all down to your wits.


I've done a number of these escape games and the pressure never gets less intense. It's all good fun though and the rooms are usually themed with a story to follow. One of my favourites is EXIT Newcastle where you're locked in a secret laboratory and have to find the antidote which leads to the exit. These games are always a great group starter activity before heading out for drinks. Especially in a city like Newcastle which is always a great night out. Your group will be talking about their escape all night.


Corporate Events - HotTug UK

HotTug UK | TripAdvisor



HotTugs on the Thames

Boat parties or river cruises are a tried and tested favourite for events. If you're looking for something a little different though, we have the perfect suggestion for a small group. The Runnymede Hotel in Surrey offers an ingenious way to float down the Thames in luxury. Their unique HotTug vessel is the only one of it's kind in the UK. It's a combination of a boat and a hot tub. You're seated at eye-level with the river as you chug along in balmy 38°c water. It's a surreal experience but a very memorable one. You can even indulge in a glass of Champagne as you float along.


Corporate Events - Battlezone Archery Tag

Battlezone Archery Tag | TripAdvisor



Combat Archery

Combat archery is a hybrid event combining the competitiveness and speed of paintball with the skill of archery. There are a couple of companies offering this new sport for corporate events. Our favourite is Battlezone Archery who have centres across England. Combat archery is a fast-paced, high-octane event where the aim of the game is to shoot out members of the opposing team.


It's all very safe, don't worry - there are no sharp arrows involved. The arrowheads are replaced with round rubber tips. A number of competitive activities can be combined into a single session. Some of our favourites are 'capture the flag' and 'last man standing', although the 'kamikaze run' is always the one that gets the adrenaline pumping the most.


Corporate events - Lip sync battle



Lip Sync Battle

The wildly popular, if slightly bizarre, US TV show Lip Sync Battle is the inspiration for our next event. If you haven't seen the show, it's essentially karaoke without the singing (which in some cases is sure to be a blessing!). Participants are pitted against each other to lip-sync popular songs. The most entertaining performers go through to a final showdown to battle it out for a top prize. This event is always a hit, even with more reserved groups. With the singing element removed, it's all about miming those dramatic high notes and nailing the best dance moves. 


Corporate Events - Bounce Below at ZipWorld

Bounce Below at ZipWorld | TripAdvisor



Trampoline Caves

Trampoline parks have been springing up all over the country in recent years. Airhop, which includes bouncy basketball and dodgeball is one of our favourites. The accolade for most impressive location though has to go to Bounce Below in North Wales. This venue is incredible. The trampoline park is situated inside a former slate mine. It's a huge network of beautiful underground caverns which have been turned into a trampoline playground. As well as six levels of bouncing fun, there are also four enormous industrial slides the height of two double deckers buses to fly down.


Corporate Events - Alternative London

Alternative London | TripAdvisor



Graffiti Workshops

Graffiti workshops are an imaginative, creative way to bring your team together. After donning protective boiler suit style outfits, you'll be fully briefed in the art of spray painting and given guidance into spray can techniques and stencil work. This is a great opportunity to get the creative juices flowing as everyone designs their very own street art inspired canvas to take home. There's also the chance to have a go at freehand style graffiti on a larger scale. Why not add a competitive element and offer a prize for the best piece of artwork?


Corporate events - Soapbox derby



Soapbox Derby

If you're looking for a fast-paced, high-energy team building activity, a soapbox derby could be the perfect option. Teams compete to design and build pedal-powered soapbox cars which are put to the test in an exhilarating - and often hilarious - final race to the finish line. From the initial design stages to coordinating driver changes during pit stops, this activity is all about teamwork. You'll find it's often the team that works best together who takes the coveted trophy. 


Corporate Events - The Luna Cinema

The Luna Cinema | TripAdvisor



Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor or drive-in film screenings have increased in popularity over recent years with most big towns and cities offering screening experiences during the summer months. We recently attended a screening of La La Land by The Luna Cinema on our own company night out. It was a fantastic way to bring the team together on a warm summer night. There's a good selection of films to choose from at screenings around the country, with some great classics which are always a hit.


If you have a larger group or just want a more bespoke experience, there are lots of options to enhance the evening - with private areas, comfy seating and drinks receptions. It's also possible to host your own private screening. With packages to accommodate up to 1,000 guests this is an excellent option if you're looking for something which will appeal to a wide demographic.


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