Promotion and incentive ideas - Top 10 unusual dining experiences
Sarah Vickers
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Promotion and incentive ideas - Top 10 unusual dining experiences

6th September 2017

This month we're bringing you some of our favourite weird and wonderful restaurants from around the world. Whether it's an unusual location or a surprising dining concept, we can guarantee these restaurants will give you food for thought. And there's sure to be a suitable suggestion for your next promotion or incentive prize.


Promotion & incentive prize ideas for unusual dining experiences


Giraffe Manor | TripAdvisor



Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Giraffe Manor is a colonial-era manor house which looks more like it belongs in the English countryside than in East Africa. This is a stunning property in its own right, but the real allure is the manor's herd of giraffes. The nearby Giraffe Centre is home to a small herd of giraffes who are free to walk around the surrounding area, including up to Giraffe Manor itself. It's only by staying at the property that you'll have access to the unique dining experience which occurs each morning. While you're tucking into your breakfast, the giraffes get a chance to eat as well. Giraffes lean in through the breakfast room windows to tuck into their morning grass pellets. Having a giraffe reach across you as you enjoy your morning coffee has to be one of the most unique experiences we can think of.


B Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour | TripAdvisor



Double Decker Afternoon Tea, London

Afternoon tea is a classic British treat. You'll find a whole array of weird and wonderful afternoon tea options in London. One that's a little different though is B Afternoon Tea, which allows you to dine on a Routemaster bus. As your tea is served, the bus takes you on a tour past the capital's famous landmarks. The hour and a half drive takes in sights including The London Eye, Westminster Abbey and The Royal Albert Hall. During the trip delicious sandwiches, sweets and scones are served, as well as plenty of tea.


Ristorante Grotta Palazzese | TripAdvisor



Grotta Palazzese, Italy

Grotta Palazzese has to have one of the best dining locations in all of Italy. The restaurant is part of a hotel situated on a limestone cliff overlooking the Adriatic. The restaurant itself though is one of the most impressive parts of the hotel. This enchanting venue is set inside a cave which overlooks the sea below. Visiting at night gives a romantic feel as you eat by dim, low-key lighting. To enjoy the best views out to sea though, we'd recommend visiting for lunch or an early dinner before the sun sets.


Promotion & incentive ideas - The Redwoods Treehouse

The Redwoods Treehouse



Redwoods Treehouse, New Zealand

What better way to revisit your youth than by dining in a treehouse? This childhood fantasy is brought to life in the town of Warkworth, just north of Auckland. The treehouse is suspended 10 metres above ground level in a giant redwood tree. It's a beautifully designed pod-shape which makes for a striking sight. To add to the adventurous spirit of the location, the kitchens are at ground level so the food is hoisted up on a winch. The pod holds up to 30 guests and can be hired out for out for private functions only. It makes the perfect location for a group dinner or even an exclusive product launch.


SnowCastle | TripAdvisor



SnowCastle, Finland

When it comes to unique venues they don't get much better than a castle in the Arctic Circle built from snow. The venue in Kemi is most famous for its SnowHotel, but the SnowRestaurant is just as magical. The restaurant features an ice bar, as well as tables made from ice. Don't worry though, the seats are topped with furs to keep you warm while you enjoy a traditional three-course meal. A glass of mulled wine is the perfect accompaniment if you find yourself getting too chilly. You'll be surprised at how easily you forget the cold in such mystical surroundings.


The Rock | TripAdvisor



The Rock, Tanzania

Perched on a rock in the Indian Ocean, this is a restaurant which looks like it shouldn't exist. Accessible by foot at low tide or by boat at high tide, The Rock experience begins with your journey to it. Once you've reached The Rock, enjoy a drink on the panoramic terrace and admire the beach and ocean views. You can then indulge in a meal of delicious, freshly-caught seafood.


Circus | TripAdvisor



Circus, London

In the heart of Covent Garden is a bar and restaurant like no other. Circus is an opulent venue with an impressive Pan-Asian menu. The real attraction though is the entertainment. Talented trapeze artists twirl overhead, while fire-breathers and dancers take to the floor. Although this is billed as a cabaret show, it's in no way cheesy and there's some real talent to be seen. The food is also excellent, with sharing menus allowing you to try all the fantastic dishes.


Napa Valley Wine Train | TripAdvisor



Napa Valley Wine Train, California

Napa Valley is, of course, famous for its fabulous wines. One of the best ways to experience the area is on the Napa Valley Wine Train. In elegant Pullman railcars, you'll be transported back to the early 20th century. A gourmet three-course menu is served onboard. Each course is accompanied by matching wines from the region which beautifully complement the food. Make the journey during summer and you'll be treated to views of the vineyards bathed in beautiful golden sunlight. A trip during the winter months is equally as thrilling as you travel through the ever darkening valley. Either time of year is accompanied by the romance of dining aboard the exquisite trains.


El Diablo Restaurant | TripAdvisor



El Diablo Volcano Dining, Lanzarote

In Lanzarote's Timanfaya National Park not only can you dine on top of a volcano, but your food is actually cooked by the heat of the lava below. The Islote de Hilario volcano has lain peacefully dormant for years while the lava gently bubbles away at around 400°C. A giant grill sits above the volcano opening where meats are cooked to perfection by the volcano's heat. Although it might seem like a gimmicky idea, it's more than worth the trip for the jaw-dropping panoramic views of the National Park's craters. Time your visit right and you can also enjoy the spectacular sight of the sun setting as you eat.


Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant | TripAdvisor



Ali Barbour's Cave, Kenya

Stepping into Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant for the first time is a truly breath-taking experience. Comprised of a series of interlinking chambers, the cave is decorated with furniture and lighting which enhance the ethereal atmosphere. Perhaps the feature which makes the cave so impressive though is the natural holes in its ceiling. The cave is open to the night sky so you can enjoy a seat under the stars. The atmosphere of the restaurant is quite simply amazing.


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