Employee engagement - Reaping the rewards of recognition

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Craig Thomas

Employee engagement - Reaping the rewards of recognition

14th December 2017

Recognition is a vital component of an organisation's total rewards programme and is instrumental in reducing employee turnover, increasing productivity and creating a positive work environment. When employees realise their contributions to a company's success are important, they are more likely to embrace the organisation's mission, goals and values.


As such, it is essential that the recognition scheme defines, acknowledges and reinforces behaviours which support the strategic aims and cultural values of the company. This creates a positive feedback loop which drives overall business performance.


Investing in employee recognition and rewarding success increases employee engagement and drives business performance

Investing in employee recognition and rewarding success leads to more motivated employees which in turn increases performance in key business areas. This results in increased profitability and growth.


What does recognition encompass?

Recognition is a multi-faceted discipline and can include both formal and informal elements. In essence, it covers any activity or initiative which acknowledges employees' efforts to support the business strategy. A whole range of initiatives can be combined to create an overall recognition programme.


Recognition initiatives, such as peer-to-peer thank you messages, monthly and annual awards, and suggestion schemes, help improve employee engagement

Recognition initiatives, such as thank you messages from peers and managers, regular employee awards and rewards for achieving KPIs, help improve employee engagement. 

For further discussion on how to use these initiatives to set-up a recognition and engagement scheme, take a look at our blog on the five main components of reward and recognition


Recognition just keeps giving

It's hard to ignore the importance of recognition - it's so simple, yet drives so many benefits. Companies who spend at least 1% of their payroll on recognition see a positive impact across multiple business areas and, ultimately, on employee engagement.


Recognition initiatives help increase loyalty, productivity and performance and contribute to a positive working culture and employee engagement

Employee recognition initiatives result in a positive working environment, with increases in loyalty, productivity, teamwork and business performance.

See our blog on the power of recognition in the workplace for further discussion on the business benefits of recognition.


Active are experts in delivering employee engagement and recognition programmes. Our online recognition platform provides a comprehensive range of modules to help you build a successful reward and recognition strategy for your organisation. To find out more please contact us.


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Craig Thomas
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