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Matt Curran
New Business Development

Three ways engaged employees create value for your organisation

5th February 2018

Employee engagement is an important focus for employers, many of whom are regularly looking to improve the ROI that their employees bring to the business. From something as simple as attendance, to the attitudes that employees bring to team interactions, engagement can make a huge difference to what an employee contributes.


But what about adding value? What measurable difference is there between employees who are more engaged than those who are less engaged? As an employer, increasing your employee engagement brings greater productivity and commitment. This is passed on to your customers as excellent customer service. Which ultimately adds to the profitability of your business.


1. Enhanced decision-making

Your employees have the power to contribute positively or negatively to your business as a whole. This can be controlled by how invested they feel within your company. For example, engaged employees are more likely to show commitment to your company and stay with your organisation for longer. They're also likely to perform around 20% better than their colleagues.


Employee engagement helps employees to feel involved, aligned with your values and goals, and able to effect change. So they are more likely to work proactively and make decisions in-line with your company’s vision.


2. More focused productivity

There’s productivity for the sake of productivity - and then there’s the kind of productivity that leads to great things. To achieve a genuinely productive workforce it’s necessary for that productivity to come from somewhere deeper than just a desire not to fail or to hit a target. That deeper place is engagement.


Engaged employees act as advocates for your company, working towards shared goals and values, with a personal desire to support and contribute to these. Plus, if your employees are engaged then they are genuinely enjoying what they’re doing. Add these elements together and you have employees who want to do their jobs and so will go above and beyond without being asked.


3. Driving your business forward

The third way in which engaged employees add value is probably the most desirable of all: helping take your business to the next level. Creativity, ideas and innovation tend to fall to those at the head of the business but what if you had a workforce constantly contributing on that level too? How much further could you travel and how much more could you do with all that additional energy?


Employee engagement nurtures innovation in employees, ensuring they are approaching their work within the business with two clear perspectives. An understanding of what the business is and a good idea of where it’s going and how they can shape that.


Within this environment ideas and innovation can be generated, contributing greater opportunities for the business to reach - and exceed - its goals.


Active are experts in delivering employee engagement programmes and our online recognition platform provides a comprehensive range of modules to help you build a successful reward and recognition strategy for your organisation. To find out more please contact us.


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