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Five reasons why sales incentives drive motivation for your sales team

12th February 2018

Sales incentives can take many forms - from simple bonuses to more complex incentive programmes. You might have a system for publicly recognising achievements, whether individually or in groups, or you could be giving sales people private goals. Whatever methods you're using to incentivise your sales team, there are a number of very good reasons why sales incentives motivate your team and deliver results.


1. Sales incentives make life more exciting

The addition of an incentive can make even the least interesting job more exciting. Evidence of this can be found everywhere, and pretty early on in life too. Tidying your room as a child is suddenly a much brighter prospect if there's a couple of pounds in it for you! When your sales people become more motivated, this tends to spread outwards and can lift the energy - and consequently the performance - of the whole team, driving more sales and meeting targets.


2. Competition is a natural instinct for sales people

Sales people are naturally competitive and strive to meet goals and continuously improve. Incentives provide a focus for this natural instinct - a way to get more from sales people who may not have realised what they were capable of. Many sales people also find it very motivating to discover how they rank against others in terms of reaching the incentive - it can provide a starting point and a measurable distance over which to progress. Incentives bring out the competitive instinct in everyone, which can only be beneficial for the business as a whole.


3. Everyone is aiming for the same end result

When there's an incentive involved it attracts attention from everyone in the team. Your sales team may have had a few different priorities up to that point, but once you introduce some sort of reward suddenly everyone is focused in the same direction. It could be increasing sales, boosting outreach or changing behaviours. Whatever it is you're looking for in terms of performance, if you want everyone engaged then an incentive is a highly effective way to do it.


4. Encouraging teamwork

Although the perception is often that incentives create an "every person for themselves" type mentality, in fact, the opposite can be true. By carefully structuring your incentives you can help to build better bonds of collaboration within your sales team. If your incentives highlight those people doing far better than others, this may also present an opportunity for those better performing sales people to help pull others up - by setting goals and demonstrating successful strategies to learn from.


5. Engaging your employees

Although most of us want to do well at work, that alone may not be enough to engage your sales team to perform at their absolute best. When you add incentives into the mix you magnify the motivations for putting in that extra effort - from the recognition it will bring to a tangible reward, such as a gift or experience. Suddenly there is much more of a reason to find ways to excel.


Active are experts in delivering sales incentive programmes and our online incentive platform provides an integrated solution to help you build a successful incentive strategy for your sales team. To find out more please contact us.


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