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Spotlight on Las Vegas as an incentive travel destination
The bright lights of Las Vegas beckon, drawing you into the city of sin. This glittering city of extravagance will dazzle you with its neon lights, jaw-dropping shows and year-round sunshine. Add in some of the best hotels, restaurants and clubs in the world and you've got a truly amazing incentive travel destination.
Sarah Vickers
Prize Fulfilment
17th May 2017
Spotlight on Budapest as an incentive travel destination
Budapest is famous for being a city of contrasting halves; Buda on the west bank of the Danube and Pest on the right. Like the city itself, it seems as though Budapest's reputation is also one of contrasts. While one person may picture the city's elegant coffee houses, stylish shopping streets and beautiful historic sights, another may think of the city's reputation for hedonistic nightlife and its popularity as an up-and-coming stag destination. In reality Budapest manages to strike a perfect balance.
Craig Thomas
12th January 2017
Spotlight on Kerala as an incentive travel destination
When you think of running an incentive trip to India there are probably a few obvious areas that instantly spring to mind; the Golden Triangle - taking in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, the laid-back shores of Goa, or the beaches and backwaters of Kerala. In reality all offer a unique view of this beautiful, vast and colourful country.
Craig Thomas
28th November 2016
Spotlight on Valencia as an incentive travel destination
With heavyweights such as Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza taking centre stage in the Spanish incentives market, it's easy to overlook Valencia, on the beautiful Orange Blossom Coast, as a group travel destination. However, this incredible city is well worth considering, particularly if you can time your visit with their yearly festival - Las Fallas.
Aimee Law
Travel & Events
16th June 2016
Spotlight on Reykjavik as an incentive travel destination
Reykjavik delivers a mix of incredible natural experiences - from whale watching with a chance to see the Northern lights, to Super Jeep trips onto glaciers. Add in cool and stylish hotels, restaurants and bars, along with a reputation as one of Europe's best nightlife scenes and there's nothing not to like!
Craig Thomas
24th May 2016