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Employee engagement - How to create a culture in your business that celebrates achievement
Business culture has a huge impact on the employee experience and, consequently, the levels of productivity and employee engagement across the entire organisation. Having a culture that celebrates achievements really works to improve employee motivation and overall morale, both of which can lead to a better ROI. So, how do you make it work for you?
Matt Curran
New Business Development
19th March 2018
10 key considerations when designing your sales incentive programme
The most common mistake in implementing sales incentive programmes is to look at the programme as a simple "do this and get that" proposition. Creating a successful sales incentive requires taking time to consider the specific objectives, the target audience and how the programme will be communicated. These 10 essential considerations will help you build a strategy to deliver your objectives and measure your results.
Ray Blanco
Account Management
12th March 2018
The benefits of experiential rewards are numerous. While the traditional view of a reward might be something tangible, or a cash payment, the idea of offering an experience in return for achievement is gaining a lot of ground - mainly because it really works. So, why does this type of reward have such a big impact when used for employee recognition?
Matt Curran
New Business Development
5th March 2018
Sales incentives have a central role to play in improving the performance of your sales team. Pay alone is unlikely to provide the degree of motivation that will really take your sales team to the next level. Choosing rewards for your incentives that have great positive appeal for your sales people can be transformative in encouraging positive behavioural change within your sales team.
Ray Blanco
Account Management
26th February 2018
Planning a corporate event in Belfast
It may be across the water for some of us but Belfast is a thriving business centre. The city is fast becoming one of the top places in the UK for meetings, events and conferences. It's a city packed with history and culture which also offers a vibrant nightlife scene and a selection of great venue choices.
Sarah Vickers
Prize Fulfilment
22nd February 2018