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Employee engagement is a key priority for every employer. This is particularly so with the dominance of Generation Y in the workplace. Generation Y - more than any other generation before them - value feelings of self-worth, belonging and community. To a certain extent, employee engagement depends on the motivation of the individual employee concerned. However, there are many more factors at play.
Matt Curran
New Business Development
19th February 2018
Planning a corporate event in Glasgow
Scotland's biggest city is a thriving cultural hub with a cosmopolitan feel, a buzzing nightlife scene and just the right amount of edge. Along with its range of top restaurants, venues and activities, this makes Glasgow a perfect location for a meeting or event.
Sarah Vickers
Prize Fulfilment
15th February 2018
Sales incentives can take many forms - from simple bonuses to more complex incentive programmes. You might have a system for publicly recognising achievements, whether individually or in groups, or you could be giving sales people private goals. Whatever methods you're using to incentivise your sales team, there are a number of very good reasons why sales incentives motivate your team and deliver results.
Ray Blanco
Account Management
12th February 2018
Planning a corporate event in Manchester
Over recent years, vast investment has transformed Manchester into a dynamic player in the events industry. It's a city with a unique energy, where new venues, restaurants and bars are finding their homes.
Sarah Vickers
Prize Fulfilment
8th February 2018
Employee engagement is an important focus for employers, many of whom are regularly looking to improve the ROI that their employees bring to the business. From something as simple as attendance to the attitudes that employees bring to team interactions, engagement can make a huge difference to what an employee contributes. But what about adding value?
Matt Curran
New Business Development
5th February 2018