Candidate referral incentives
Candidate referrals
Incentive solutions to attract the best candidates
Candidate referrals
Incentive solutions to attract the best candidates
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Rewarding candidate referrals

In a candidate led recruitment market, attracting the best candidates is critical to success. Offering an appealing candidate referral scheme can play a crucial part in finding top talent.


Active have delivered successful candidate referral schemes for a number of leading recruitment companies. Our experience means we can provide advice on the best rewards to offer and how to structure your scheme for maximum impact.


We can also help you deliver the scheme quickly and easily. From sourcing and providing vouchers, e-codes or charge cards, through to supplying a dedicated online platform.


Vouchers and e-codes

Retail vouchers make an instant and effective reward for candidate referrals. We provide vouchers for over 40 major retailers, including John Lewis, M&S and Amazon, as well as our very own, multi-choice, Lifestyle Gift Voucher.


Our service doesn't stop at just supplying your vouchers. Active's experienced fulfilment team are always on hand to help manage your orders and deal with any queries.


Online incentive platform

Active's online incentive platform, PlusPoints, offers a more dynamic solution for your candidate referral scheme. It enables you to issue rewards to the referrer quickly and easily, with an online catalogue of over 1,200 vouchers, gifts and experiences.


The platform can be integrated with your website which not only helps streamline the process for the referrer, but also saves you time and effort. It includes a range of management tools, enabling you to both distribute and track referrals within the business and then issue the reward to the referrer immediately once a successful placement is made.


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