How Do Employee Reward & Recognition Programmes Work?

How Do Employee Reward & Recognition Programmes Work?

Here at Active Consultancy, we understand the importance of recognising and rewarding employees for their hard work and dedication. Employee Reward & Recognition Programmes are a crucial aspect of any organisation that wants to retain top talent, boost employee morale and take their business to new levels.

Let’s look at why Employee Reward & Recognition Programmes are important, and how you can implement one for your organisation.

Why Are Employee Reward & Recognition Programmes Important?

Employee Reward & Recognition Programmes are essential for any organisation that wants to maintain a positive work culture and increase employee satisfaction. Here are some reasons why these programmes are crucial:


Recognising and rewarding employees for their hard work and dedication can help reduce turnover rates. Employees who feel appreciated and valued are more likely to stay with an organisation for a longer period.


Rewards and recognition can motivate employees to work harder and be more productive. It creates a sense of competition and drives employees to perform better.


When employees feel recognised and appreciated, they are more engaged in their work. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and a more positive work environment.


Employees who feel valued and appreciated are more likely to develop a sense of loyalty towards their organisation. This can lead to better performance, higher productivity, and more innovative ideas.

What Can Employee Reward & Recognition Programmes Look Like?

One example of an Employee Reward system in organisations in the UK is the programme implemented by Virgin Money. The program called “Celebrating You” is designed to recognise and reward employees who demonstrate Virgin Money’s values of ambition, being imaginative, being spirited, and putting the customer first.

The programme includes a range of rewards, such as gift vouchers, extra paid time off, and invitations to exclusive events. Virgin Money also hosts an annual “Celebrating You” event where all award recipients are invited to celebrate their achievements together.

To ensure the programme is effective, Virgin Money regularly surveys employees to gather feedback and make improvements. The program has been successful in improving employee engagement and retention rates and has been praised by employees for its transparency and fairness.

How do you Implement an Employee Reward & Recognition Programme?

When you implement a reward and recognition programme within a company, it’s important to ensure that you:

Set clear goals

Define the objectives of your programme and the behaviours that you want to reward. All of your employees should be clear on what goals they have to hit and what they will receive for doing so. You also should ensure that the rewards are aligned with your organisation’s mission and values.

Choose the right rewards

Decide on the rewards that you want to offer. Rewards can differ depending on the achievements that are reached. This could be anything from gift cards, gadgets, and experiences to short breaks and holidays.  

Communicate the programme

Let your employees know about the programme and how it works. Make sure that the criteria for receiving rewards are clear.

Monitor and track progress

Being able to monitor and track progress is not only great for the business, but it’s also highly motivating for employees to be able to track their progress. You can monitor the employees’ performance and if needed, you can make adjustments.

Celebrate success

Recognise and celebrate the achievements of your employees. This can be done through public recognition or private rewards.


Evaluate the effectiveness of your programme and make changes to improve it. Be sure to ask for feedback from employees and use it to improve the programme.

Are Rewards & Recognition Programmes For You?

Employee Reward & Recognition Programmes are essential for any organisation that wants to retain top talent and create a positive work culture. These programmes can motivate employees, increase engagement and achieve greater employee satisfaction leading to better performance.

If it’s time you implemented a rewards and recognition scheme in your company, get in touch with Active Consultancy. Active design bespoke rewards and recognition programmes that deliver when it comes to creating an engaged and motivated workspace.