How To Motivate Your Sales Team With Incentive Games.

How To Motivate Your Sales Team With Incentive Games

When it comes to running a sales incentive, you want to see your employees motivated and involved. Increasing engagement by introducing incentive games is a great place to start.

Create a bit of competition across the whole sales floor, create a bit of competition across teams, or create competition between employees! There are tons of simple and easy ways you can inject some fun into your sales incentive and get your employees motivated.

Prize draws, quizzes, lotteries and competitions are all ways to provide immediate and visible rewards and importantly, they are relatively easy for you to manage too.


A leaderboard is a great visual to display top performers in your sales incentives. You can use this method to create friendly competition amongst the sales team, pushing them to work harder to knock each other off the top spot. Leaderboards can be great to use for not only short-term incentives but also for monthly, quarterly and annual rewards and recognition.

Points-based system: 

Points Make Prizes! Why not assign points to different achievements, such as a new customer sign-up, 1 product sold etc? This way, you can allow your team to accumulate points that they can redeem against prizes or rewards. 


We love the game show vibes, and Spin to Win is certainly one for this! Create a digital game where salespeople can spin a wheel for a chance to win prizes or rewards. It’s a fun way to motivate your sales team and keep them engaged in the incentive.

Trivia games: 

We know not everyone is a whizz at general knowledge, but this time, create a quiz or trivia game related to your products or industry. Offer rewards or prizes for top performers, and allow your sales team to compete against each other. In this game, knowledge is key!


With a little addition to a points-based rewards game, an auction allows your salespeople to bid on rewards or prizes using the points they have earned throughout the sales incentive. 


Offer entries into a raffle for salespeople who achieve certain milestones or reach specific goals. This can be a fun way to incentivise your sales team and offer them a chance to win big. This is a great option for many budgets and also allows employees who maybe aren’t at the same levels as others to have an equal chance of winning from the same pot.

Ready To Add A Little Competition To Your Team?

If you’re looking to add a little competition to your sales incentive, then get in touch with Active Consultancy. We have the tools to give you 24/7 real-time views of leaderboards and set up games to get your employees to win big.


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