Promotional Offers


We were delighted to be selected to partner on this exciting promotional campaign. Lucozade offered free sports sessions on 30 million bottles, redeemable at over 2,000 locations.


Lucozade Sport wanted to give consumers the opportunity to undertake a wide range of free sporting activity, experiences, sessions and lessons when purchasing Lucozade Sport. The promotion, titled ‘Lucozade Sport FREE60’, covered traditional sporting activities, sports identified as encouraging good levels of actual, physical participation, plus sports considered to be that less mainstream and more different, edgy and cool – reflective of the brand values. 30 million packs of Lucozade Sport carried the offer, supported by a comprehensive advertising campaign attaining high levels of engagement. Active recruited over 2,000 sports partners, clubs and venues to participate in the promotion and provide a free sport experience for consumers. 25 different sports were included, such as basketball, martial arts, boxing, swimming, wakeboarding, paintball, fencing and rowing to name but a few! A real positive for the participating sports clubs was the increase in traffic, use of the facilities and local awareness. A job well done where the aim was to increase sport participation by offering a wide and varied choice of sports, in proximity to consumers and access to both new and traditional, tried and tested sports. Active also worked together with Lucozade’s other partner agencies to ensure the successful fulfilment of the promotion both on-pack and online.