Online employee engagement, reward and recognition
Active recognise your employees' achievements through our flexible online recognition platform
Active recognise your employees' achievements through our flexible online recognition platform
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Employee reward platform

Make it easy on yourself and your participants by using PEOPLEPOINTS for your reward and recognition programme. PEOPLEPOINTS allows you to run the entire programme totally online.


For participants it couldn't be simpler, as they can send messages, view results and claim rewards without ever leaving their desktop. All schemes feature an extensive range of prizes, from experiences and gifts through to weekend breaks and travel.

PeoplePoints online recognition platform - for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

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The core features of PEOPLEPOINTS offer you an easy to setup, affordable online solution that makes life easier for you and your participants.


Individual user logins with password protection
Online reward statements
Prize search with over 1,000 activity, lifestyle and travel prizes
Shopping basket facility
Branded with your company logo, colours and theme
Own domain name included
Personalised information pages
Mobile responsive template
Telephone hotline and email support for administrators and participants

Custom modules

PEOPLEPOINTS offers a range of reward & recognition modules which can all be tailor-made to your exact requirements.


  • Peer-to-peer thank you messages


  • Employee of the month nominations


  • Long service awards


  • Annual award nominations


  • Ad-hoc management rewards


  • Learning management systems


  • Data integration with your internal systems

Management tools

PEOPLEPOINTS’ self-managing user interface gives you the ability to manage your scheme in real time and make updates any time, any place. Active also provide a range of support services which you can access as required.


  • Add users either online, via a batch upload or through data integration
  • Automated points awards or via management interface
  • Communication tools including promotional messages and automated emails
  • Management reports


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Engaged employees deliver on performance goals and are willing to go the extra mile for their employer. However, all the research tells us that many employers struggle with levels of employee engagement within their business. This is especially true among younger generations. If your organisation is in need of cultural change when it comes to engagement, these are some of the key drivers. Read more
Craig Thomas
17th May 2018
There are multiple factors that can have an impact on employee engagement within a business. Some of the variations you may see in employee engagement are not simply down to how successful your engagement strategy is, or how well it's being implemented by line managers. Quite often these variations can be a result of demographic factors, such as age and length of service. Read more
Craig Thomas
2nd May 2018
What they say...
"What a great way to reward brilliant work! I love this and it gives you a really tangible goal that is relevant to you."
"Barry - Incentive Participant"
"We had a brilliant weekend and it was such a lovely experience to have dealt with someone who was very relaxed in all aspects of dealing with our trip. It gave us confidence knowing everything was taken care of."
"Dawn, Mark, Isobel & Lily - Prize Winners"
"This is moving us into the 21st century in terms of incentives and rewards. It gives people freedom, choice and control. In short I love it!"
"Rosie - Incentive Participant"
"Very, very impressed with your team. Everybody has been raving about the event and the management."
"Ian - Brand Manager"
"You made everything a pleasure and effortless for us. Everything went smoothly, on time and was just so lovely. We can't thank you enough."
"Rachel, Jayne, Julie & Kate - Prize Winners"
"Everything was fantastic in Rome. Wonderful destination, good activities, great food and restaurants and all very well organised."
"James - Incentive Travel Guest"
"The best party I think we have ever seen. You have been the best party planner and we can't thank you enough."
"Alice - Head of Office and Facilities"
"Easily the best short break I have ever been on."
"Julian - Incentive Travel Guest"
"The system and service have been so amazing that I've been recommending it to everyone that will listen!"
"Aimee - Human Resources"
"You go the extra mile wherever possible, looking at every angle to see how you can provide the best service."
"Natalie - HR Director"
"A massive thank you to Active's travel team for booking our trip to Disneyland Paris. We had a fantastic time! Thank you for personally making all the arrangements which ran so perfectly."
"Carolyn, Chris, Charlotte & Sophie - Prize Winners"
"My son and I had an amazing time on our Hot Air Balloon prize this weekend. Thank you for all the organisation that went into it."
"Sarah Jane - Prize Winner"
"You made our stay an excellent one and we are proud to have partnered with you and your agency."
"Kayode - Commercial Manager"
"It's been a pleasure to work with you this year and you've really gone above and beyond to support us throughout."
"Kim - Senior Account Manager"
"Many thanks to you and the team who made all the arrangements. Everything about the trip was fantastic. It really was a great experience and it will live in the memory for a long time."
"John - Prize Winner"