Prize promotions and fulfilment
Prize fulfilment
Active deliver successful prize promotions born from clarity of thought and fresh ideas
Prize fulfilment
Active deliver successful prize promotions born from clarity of thought and fresh ideas
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Prize management & fulfilment

Active deliver prizes the way you want them. Exactly.


At Active, we always start by listening to your ideas and to what you want before we begin crafting a prize solution. The result is we can deliver the prizes you want for your audience delivered precisely to your individual requirements. Whether you are in the corporate or promotional market our experience in knowing what works well for each audience is invaluable.


Off-the-shelf to totally bespoke

More than 20 years' experience finding, securing and working with a wealth of contacts across the UK means we have built a comprehensive range of prize rewards that cover most client needs, and more than 1,500 prizes available off the shelf. Yet, this is a business which is full of surprises and if this massive choice doesn’t go far enough, our bespoke service will ensure we answer your brief.


The smart choice

Sourcing and fulfilling prizes yourself can prove a much more difficult task than you'd think. We know from experience that the challenges and obstacles faced will be many, but the good news is we will already have found the best way to address each of them. By trusting Active you can be confident that, not only are you saving your own precious time, but you will also be making the smartest choice you can for your business - logistically, financially, and professionally.


Our fulfilment services

Working with us means you can be confident in the attention we give to every element of your campaign with a focus on detail that's second to none. Just as important, you'll benefit from our flexibility of approach and a willingness to collaborate openly, and that makes us very easy to do business with. We work this way because we know that every single business is unique, especially yours.


Our prize fulfilment services cover everything from receiving and handling claims to providing winner hotlines, competition websites, text-to-win services, gift wrapping and despatch, and everything inbetween. In short, whatever you need to provide a seamless prize fulfilment service for your competition, promotion or incentive.


Active. Here to support you and your prize winners.



Want to know more?

See some of our prize fulfilment tools and solutions featured on this page, take a look at examples of our previous work, or just send us an enquiry.


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We know for a promotion or incentive to be successful the prizes offered need to be fresh, enticing and up to date. So we're constantly on the lookout for the latest trends - sourcing the most advanced technology and newest experiences on the market, as well as knowing the hottest travel destinations. Here's a rundown of what we can expect to be popular in the next 12 months. Read more
Kelsey Tims
Prize Fulfilment
1st February 2018
Whether your event needs to motivate, celebrate or recognise, we know how difficult it can be to find activities your guests will really get excited about. If you think you've done every event there is, take a look at this list of unusual activity ideas. You're sure to find something you haven't considered before. Read more
Sarah Vickers
Prize Fulfilment
25th January 2018
What they say...
"The system and service have been so amazing that I've been recommending it to everyone that will listen!"
"Aimee - Human Resources"
"Easily the best short break I have ever been on."
"Julian - Incentive Travel Guest"
"A massive thank you to Active's travel team for booking our trip to Disneyland Paris. We had a fantastic time! Thank you for personally making all the arrangements which ran so perfectly."
"Carolyn, Chris, Charlotte & Sophie - Prize Winners"
"Everything was fantastic in Rome. Wonderful destination, good activities, great food and restaurants and all very well organised."
"James - Incentive Travel Guest"
"My son and I had an amazing time on our Hot Air Balloon prize this weekend. Thank you for all the organisation that went into it."
"Sarah Jane - Prize Winner"
"You made everything a pleasure and effortless for us. Everything went smoothly, on time and was just so lovely. We can't thank you enough."
"Rachel, Jayne, Julie & Kate - Prize Winners"
"It's been a pleasure to work with you this year and you've really gone above and beyond to support us throughout."
"Kim - Senior Account Manager"
"What a great way to reward brilliant work! I love this and it gives you a really tangible goal that is relevant to you."
"Barry - Incentive Participant"
"You made our stay an excellent one and we are proud to have partnered with you and your agency."
"Kayode - Commercial Manager"
"We had a brilliant weekend and it was such a lovely experience to have dealt with someone who was very relaxed in all aspects of dealing with our trip. It gave us confidence knowing everything was taken care of."
"Dawn, Mark, Isobel & Lily - Prize Winners"
"This is moving us into the 21st century in terms of incentives and rewards. It gives people freedom, choice and control. In short I love it!"
"Rosie - Incentive Participant"
"Very, very impressed with your team. Everybody has been raving about the event and the management."
"Ian - Brand Manager"
"Many thanks to you and the team who made all the arrangements. Everything about the trip was fantastic. It really was a great experience and it will live in the memory for a long time."
"John - Prize Winner"
"The best party I think we have ever seen. You have been the best party planner and we can't thank you enough."
"Alice - Head of Office and Facilities"
"You go the extra mile wherever possible, looking at every angle to see how you can provide the best service."
"Natalie - HR Director"