Sales and channel incentives
Sales incentives
Active focus on incentives that drive performance and recognise sales effort and initiative
Sales incentives
Active focus on incentives that drive performance and recognise sales effort and initiative
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Sales & channel incentives

Active deliver sales incentive programmes that drive performance in sales teams and channel partners and we've been doing it brilliantly for over 20 years. Our deep experience as to what works best, with who and why, means we don't have to reinvent the process each time we look at a programme. Instead we focus on adding value, on making each programme unique for you.


Using constantly updated tools that maintain our best in class offering, we are able to shorten the planning stage, remove inefficiencies, and get it right first time, on time and on budget.


Sales force incentives

We know that every sales team is unique and so we start from the premise that every incentive programme will need to be as well. Whether it's the structure, the messaging, the rewards or the delivery of the programme itself, we work closely with you from the start to ensure your objectives are met.


We leave nothing to chance in the briefing stages and we only ever create schemes that deliver. From the very first conversation to the final debrief we have one objective; to make sure your scheme engages, inspires and drives better sales performance from your team.


Channel incentives

Active recognise that the growing complexity within all channels means incentive programmes need to be simpler than ever to be effective. That means simple to set up and simple to use, but creative and effective at motivating your channels to perform at peak levels.


Active specialise in the implementation of high-impact channel incentives, allowing you to increase sales and strengthen relationships with all your channel partners. We offer a diverse range of incentive solutions and provide practical help and advice on both the structure and mechanic of the scheme.


Incentive rewards

Active's extensive range of individual prizes and team rewards can be integrated within any online or offline programme to reward in-house sales teams, contact centre staff, field sales teams and channel partners across multiple platforms.


Whatever your sales environment, we know from experience what will inspire and motivate your key performers and our incentive rewards have been carefully designed and selected to do just that.



Want to know more?

See some of our sales incentive tools and solutions featured on this page, take a look at examples of our previous work, or just send us an enquiry.


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Choosing a successful structure is one of the fundamental principles of incentive design. Once you have defined the audience, objectives and timeframe, then it's time to consider the structure of your sales incentive. Read more
Craig Thomas
19th July 2017
When it comes to sales incentives there's no 'one size fits all' solution. The best incentives are those which are well thought out and targeted to the individual company's requirements. A poorly designed incentive is destined to fail, so it's well worth spending the time getting the fundamentals right. Read more
Craig Thomas
17th July 2017
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