6 Dreamy Winter Travel Destinations for Your Next Sales Incentive

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When it comes to travel sales incentives, what really motivates employees to go above and beyond are opportunities to do things that are often once-in-a-lifetime or memorable experiences. It’s not too soon to start planning your Winter incentives.

If you’re on the hunt for unforgettable travel experiences for your next sales incentive, you’ve come to the right place. With these destinations, you’ll be able to knock your team’s woolly socks off with these stunning locations.

As the snowflakes fall, so will your jaw when you explore these six top-notch winter wonderlands. 

Whistler, Canada.

Snowy Peaks and Après-Ski Bliss

Calling all snow bunnies and après-ski enthusiasts! Whistler, Canada, is your alpine paradise. With powdery slopes that seem straight out of a postcard, your team will be creating memories as they carve up the mountains. And let’s not forget the cosy cabins and lively village – perfect for unwinding after a day on the slopes. 

Don’t worry if you’ve got any non-skiers in your group. Ski lessons could be arranged to have them carving up the mountains in no time. But if you’re looking for something not involving skis, why not book a ski mobile tour, try tobogganing or see if they are a dab hand at ice fishing! 

Lapland, Finland.

Northern Lights and Arctic Adventures

How does your team chasing the elusive Northern Lights across the Arctic sky sound? An experience that doesn’t happen every day, and is often seen on many people’s bucket lists. Lapland, Finland, is where winter dreams come alive. From husky sledding to snow tank safari’s, the experience will be a winter experience like never before. 

Innsbruck, Austria.

Alpine Elegance and Festive Markets

If your team craves culture alongside snowflakes, Innsbruck, Austria, could be the perfect destination. There will still be stunning Alpine views, but you’ll also be able to enjoy traditional Christmas markets and rich history. Innsbruck’s historic quarter is over 500 years old, so you’ll find yourself exploring cobbled streets, boutique shops, medieval buildings and sipping mulled wine in sidewalk bars.

Aspen, USA.

Glamour on the Slopes

For those who believe in “go big or go home,” Aspen, USA, is the place to be. This winter wonderland combines top-notch skiing with A-list celebrity spotting and ritzy après-ski scenes. Your team could be soaking in the luxury of high-end resorts and exhilarating mountain adventures. 

But it’s not just about tearing the mountains up on skis. What better way to see the sights of Aspen, than taking a trip on the Gondolas up Aspen Mountain. Aspen Mountain has a mountain-top restaurant and bar with outdoor seating to enjoy the views after your Gondola ride. You can also take a stroll on the trails at the top of Aspen Mountain to take in the panoramic views. 

Reykjavik, Iceland.

Geothermal Wonders and Icy Adventures

Iceland is more than just its name – it’s a land of outstanding beauty and something far different from anywhere else. Reykjavik’s geothermal hot springs, ice caves, and geysers create experiences like no other. Your team will discover natural marvels, from exploring glaciers to soaking in the Blue Lagoon. 

Prague, Czech Republic.

Christmas Markets & Historic Buildings

Nothing beats a Christmas Market, and Prague has one of the best in Europe! If you’re looking for a short festive city break, this could be the ideal location for your team. They can enjoy some warm mulled wine or local beer, walk around the markets and admire the historic buildings and the intimate streets surrounding them.

But don’t worry if it’s too cold outside, there will be plenty of chances to catch a performance at one of the many Opera Houses, or tuck in to local cuisine in one of the side street restaurants or perhaps a private dining experience at the Castle.

Ready To Take Your Sales Incentives To The Snowy Peaks?

There you have it, one for the Winter adventure seekers! These six winter travel destinations will bring your team memories and experiences like never before. What’s even better, you won’t have the headache of planning it.

Here at Active Consultancy, we use our expertise to make these Winter dreams come true for your team, without you having to lift a finger. So don’t hesitate to get in touch and let’s plan your Winter Sales Incentive, which will have your employees going above and beyond to be a part of.


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