Work Milestones

At Active Consultancy, we understand the value of celebrating important milestones in the careers of your staff and expressing gratitude for their commitment and achievements. Recognising these significant moments not only boosts morale and motivation but also strengthens the bond between employees and the organization.

Work Milestones

Driving a culture of recognition

All the latest research points one way. Employees who are made to feel valued at work, both professionally and personally, are more likely to be engagedthink innovatively and go the extra mile. 

Establishing a culture of recognition empowers an organisation to achieve business success, creating happier, more motivated and higher-performing employees.  

Benefits of work milestones

Recognising employees’ contributions, loyalty and career achievements have many benefits, all of which ultimately impact the business’s bottom line. 

Value your talented people

Gone are the days of waiting five long years to publicly recognise employee contributions. Work anniversaries offer employees the chance to reflect on their current life circumstances, so smart companies make sure that their talented people feel valued and fulfilled.

Marking every work anniversary is a good start. Even better is to reward individual job promotions, responsibilities, new skills and completed training modules. Add a personal touch by celebrating life achievements too.

Be creative.
Think outside the box.
Give them something to talk about.

Active are experts in designing bespoke employee recognition programmes. We have a wealth of experience and suggestions for recognising achievement and creating a culture of success in your organisation. 

From physical gifts, online rewards and a dedicated recognition platform, we can help identify the perfect solution to fit with your business model.

On-Demand Prize Fulfilment Services​

Thousands Of Rewards

With thousands of options available, we can help you select the perfect prizes that will resonate with your target consumers and motivate them to engage with your brand. Whether you are running a sweepstakes, contest, or loyalty program, we have the expertise to source the prizes that align with your brand’s image and messaging.

Our prize fulfilment solutions are designed to be flexible, customizable, and cost-effective, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.


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