7 Ways to Boost Employee Motivation On The Run Up To Christmas.

Boost Employee Motivation by fun things in the office

The holiday season is a time for joy and spreading the festive spirit. However, for businesses, it’s also an excellent opportunity to boost employee motivation and keep productivity high as the year comes to a close. Instead of staff using their work hours to do their Christmas shopping, you can motivate them to achieve exciting Christmas rewards. 

Here at Active Consultancy, we understand the importance of nurturing a motivated workforce, and that’s why we’ve chosen seven fantastic ways to keep your employees engaged and enthusiastic throughout the festive period.

The Ultimate Xmas Party

Festive Fun for All

Nothing says Christmas like a Christmas Party! Throw the ultimate Christmas party for your employees. It’s a chance for everyone to let their hair down, bond with colleagues, and celebrate the year’s accomplishments. Whether you buy festive decorations, plan fun activities, serve delicious food, or take your team to a huge Christmas Party at a particular venue, you’re bound to create a memorable night. Make it an event your employees eagerly anticipate each year, and you’ll keep employees motivated.

A Night Away

Escape to Relaxation

Offer your employees a night away at a cosy hotel or a relaxing spa. It’s a chance for them to unwind and recharge, enjoying the holiday season at a tranquil destination. Providing an escape from the daily routine can do wonders for keeping staff motivation high.

Office Advent Calendar in December

Daily Delights

Introduce an office advent calendar for December into the office. Each day, your employees can look forward to hitting targets to be in with a chance of opening one of the doors on the advent calendar. But it doesn’t need to just be a calendar with a sweet treat. This could be a present to win each day, ranging from tech gadgets, vouchers, days off or even experience days. The anticipation of opening a new door every day will create a sense of excitement and unity in the office. 

Staff Awards Ceremony

Recognise Excellence

Host a staff awards ceremony to recognise and celebrate the exceptional achievements of your team. This can be a bit of fun, a Christmas jumper day combined with Secret Santa. Acknowledging their hard work and dedication in front of their peers can motivate employees and foster a sense of pride in the workplace.

Gift Vouchers

Personalised Presents

Have you considered offering gift vouchers as a way to boost employee engagement? Whether it’s for their favourite store, restaurant, or an online retailer, these allow your employees to choose their own Christmas gifts. It’s a thoughtful way to show appreciation and motivate your team with the gift of choice.


Healthy and Happy Employees

Prioritise the well-being of your employees by offering wellness incentives. This can include gym memberships, yoga classes, or mindfulness programs. A healthy and happy workforce is a motivated one, and considering your staff’s well-being can make a significant difference to employee morale.

Flexi Work Options

Work-Life Balance

Give the gift of flexibility during the holiday season. Allow employees to adjust their working hours or opt for remote work when possible. This shows trust in your team’s ability to manage their responsibilities, and it helps them strike a healthy work-life balance during this busy time of year.

Ready To Boost Employee Motivation & Productivity?

Incorporating these festive-themed incentives and ideas into your workplace can work wonders when it comes to keeping your team’s motivation high during the Christmas season. Active Consultancy is here to help you create unforgettable and customised experiences for your team. By implementing these employee Christmas rewards, you’ll not only enhance your employees’ motivation but also build a strong sense of loyalty and appreciation within your organisation.

Get in touch with Active Consultancy today and discover more about our employee reward programs on our website to make this Christmas season one to remember for your dedicated workforce