Travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and for many people, it is a much-needed break from the daily grind. It allows us to explore new cultures, relax on sandy beaches, or embark on thrilling adventures. For businesses, travel can be a powerful tool for incentivising customers or clients, driving loyalty, and increasing sales. Offering travel as a prize can be an attractive and memorable way to engage customers and incentivise them to interact with your brand.

Whether it’s a luxurious trip to a far-off destination or a relaxing weekend getaway, travel prizes can create excitement, generate buzz, and help you stand out in a crowded market.

Happy travellers are our forte. From initial concept to sandy toes, we live to create special travel memories and craft a trip like no other.

Incentive Travel

Travel is in our DNA

Nothing gets us out of bed in the morning like dreaming up perfectly crafted holiday experiences. We love to create trips that will get your  customers, staff or clients talking.

Over the years we’ve sent a family for astronaut training, sailed a group to the Antarctic and even landed a couple on their own desert island shipwreck experience.

We can even offer more conventional beach holidays, city escapes or icelandic adventures.



    Managing a large number of winners can be daunting - especially when it comes to travel. We make every interaction personal and memorable, including aftercare.


    We use prize strategies to boost purchases, engagement, and other business goals. With us, you can target travel prizes to specific interests, demographics, and locations. We can even link your promotional message back to the trip.


    We outpace competitors with our vast network of suppliers and contacts across the globe. Always in-the-know about the latest travel trends and experiences.


    We can offer a range of sustainable travel options and approved carbon offset measures, ensuring a transparent supply chain.


    Consult with our experts to avoid disappointed winners, legal issues, unreliable suppliers, and negative publicity.

Customised Incentive Travel Packages

Whatever your brief or budget, we have something to suit. From perfectly prepared off-the-shelf trips, to unusual and creative experiences tailored specifically to your requirements, we can do it all.

Tailored Travel Experiences

From meticulously planned off-the-shelf trips to tailor-made adventures, our diverse portfolio of offerings reflects our commitment to meeting the unique needs and preferences of our clients. Our team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, ensuring that every aspect of your experience is thoughtfully considered and executed. 

Incentive Travel


Travel Packages As Giveaway Prizes

Travel packages can be an excellent giveaway prize that captures the imagination and excitement of your audience. Offering a travel package as a prize can generate buzz and create a sense of anticipation, encouraging participation and engagement in your promotion.

With so many different destinations and experiences to choose from, a travel package can be tailored to suit any audience, making it a versatile prize option. Whether it’s a luxury weekend break, an adventure-packed activity holiday, or a cultural city tour, a travel package can provide a truly memorable and unique prize that will leave a lasting impression on your winners.

Winner Handling & Management

We prioritise exceptional and personalised customer service. Our goal is to provide a memorable and positive experience for your winners while delivering on your promotional campaign’s goals and objectives.

Our team is dedicated to handling all aspects of travel prizes from the initial itinerary, to winner communication and support. We look after all the details, so you don’t have to, and we make sure that the entire process is easy and stress-free for you and your winners. 

Just before departure, your winner will receive a fully customised travel pack which includes all the relevant and important documentation they may need during their trip.

Customer Care

We have a dedicated in-house travel team on hand ready to answer any winner queries. Communication is our priority, so whether it’s helping them to enroll in to the promotion, updating them on the status of their win or even answering questions about a prize, we can help.

We can provide dedicated and bespoke email addresses and phone hotlines for your promotional campaigns.

We have a dedicated in-house travel team ready to make sure your winners are treated like VIPs. They will book all elements of the prize and communicate with the winner at all times.

Our travel team take pride in being as flexible as possible when it comes to winners. Want to fly back from a different airport? No problem. Looking to add another person to the trip? We’ve got you covered.

Winning a prize should be an experience in itself. We truly believe that all comms should reflect your brand and the campaign. This is why we create bespoke and branded itineraries and travel packs to reflect your promotion.

Interested in incentive travel?

Tailored Corporate Travel Experiences

Whatever your brief or budget, we have something to suit everyone. From perfectly prepared off-the-shelf trips,
to unusual and creative experiences tailored specifically to your requirements, we can do it all.