Reward & Recognition Case Study

A strategic solution to increase engagement and boost productivity.

Benefits At A Glance

The Objective

Our client, within the insurance sector, wanted to recognise and reward employees in order to achieve maximum engagement, boost performance and increase overall employee satisfaction.

The Solution

Our intuitive and easy to navigate online portal allows the company to reward their employees with points through long service incriments, instant recognition and peer-to-peer thank yous. These are then redeemed against an online catalogue of over 5,000 items, including high street vouchers and top brands.

The Outcome

Since the portal launched in 2017, our client has grown by 342%, starting with 242 members of staff to now just over 1080, including an expansion in to the USA. Within that, there has also been a steady increase in employee retention, with over 12% of employees having been in their roles for over 10 years. There has also been a 7.7% YoY rise in employee engagement through the peer-to-peer thank you module. Now in their 8th year, our client continues to utlise the portal and expand the available modules.



Companies with a recognition culture have 31% lower employee turnover.


83% of employees feel that recognition affects their motivation to succeed within the workplace.


77.9% of employees agreed that they would be more productive if they were recognised on a frequent basis.


63% of employees wish that their colleagues would say ‘thank you’ more.

Case Study

“For over 30 years, we’ve been delivering incentives for global brands, FTSE 100 companies and dynamic marketing agencies to provide a wealth of services, with our clients at the centre of it all.

We pride ourselves on making your life easy, by providing a personalised service with a fast turnaround time.”

David Bray

Managing Director