Promotion and incentive ideas – Top 10 scary experiences

Promotion and incentive ideas - Top 10 scary experiences

Some of us love to be terrified. We relish the adrenaline. Sweaty palms. Dilated pupils. Deep breaths. The sudden moment of pure fear when your pulse is racing so fast it feels as if your heart could burst from your chest.

Whether it’s a scary movie or the thrill of an adventure sport, we’ve all felt the strange buzz that comes with being scared. It keeps us coming back for more. So this month we’ve put together a list of some of the scariest experiences from around the world. Will you be brave enough to try any? Or is there a lucky – or maybe unlucky – incentive prize winner they might appeal to?

Promotion & incentive prize ideas to set your pulse racing

 Thorpe Park’s Fright Nights, EnglandThorpe Park’s famous Fright Nights have been drawing crowds for over a decade. Tickets to the theme park’s Hallowe’en event are one of our most popular incentive prizes during the autumn months and we can confirm they are truly terrifying. Riding the rollercoasters at night gives a whole extra dimension of thrill. It’s the live action horror mazes though, which are the real attractions here. This year you can face a spine-tingling trek through an abandoned railway, come face to face with chilling circus clowns and attempt to break out of containment in a timed escape. As much as you know that the performers are just acting, your heart is still guaranteed to be in your mouth. 
 World’s Highest Bungee Jump, MacauThe view from the rotating top of Macau Tower is brilliant. It’s a great way to take in each of the decadent Las Vegas style hotels. If you’re looking to up the excitement levels at the tower though, you can also bungee jump from the top. Macau Tower is the highest bungee jump currently open to the public. It’s definitely one to tick off your bucket list if you have a head for heights. If you have the stomach for it, visit the restaurant afterwards to watch other brave jumpers take the leap. 
 Hallowe’en Houses, Los AngelesWhen it comes to Hallowe’en, American goes big. And there’s perhaps no place in the States that goes bigger than L.A. Millions of dollars are spent every year creating the scariest haunted houses. Each attraction competes to be the most petrifying. One of the most famous spectacles is The Haunted Hayride. Here you’re taken on a wagon ride through haunted woods. You’ll ‘meet a legion of vicious clowns waiting for you with psychopathic fun’. I’m not sure that’s my idea of fun! But if you’re looking to be seriously scared this Hallowe’en, L.A. is definitely the place to go. 
 Day of the Dead, MexicoDay of the Dead originated thousands of years ago as a celebration for lost loved ones. Although it falls just after Hallowe’en, it’s not about fear and scary stories but about honouring and respecting those who are no longer with us. If you visit Mexico during this colourful festival, you’ll be fascinated by the costumes, decorations, parades and parties that come along with such an iconic celebration. 
 Skylodge Adventure Suites, PeruLocated in Peru’s Sacred Valley, Skylodge Adventure Suites are a series of transparent capsule rooms suspended 1,000ft above the valley floor. If that wasn’t hair-raising enough, reaching the capsules will certainly test your courage. You have two choices here; a 1,312ft climb or a hiking trail which includes thrilling zip lines. Once you’ve made it to your accommodation the views are incredible. You can see for miles from the windows of your completely transparent capsule. Just don’t look down! 
 Zombie Apocalypse, LondonIf you’ve ever wondered how you would survive when the zombie apocalypse hits, where you’d hide or what your weapon of choice should be, this is the experience for you. Inspired by films such as 28 Days Later, World War Z and Dawn of the Dead, London’s Zombie S.W.A.T Training specialises in preparing you for the worst. Over 3.5 hours, you’ll receive intense zombie training, handling essential weaponry and learning life-saving techniques, all while a herd of brain dead monsters approaches. If you survive your training, you’ll be an expert when the real zombie apocalypse arrives. 
 Bungee in the Dark, ScotlandIf you can imagine nothing worse than taking a leap of faith from an overwhelming height, free-falling and trusting in a length of rope to save you, how about doing it in the dark? Highland Fling’s Black Out Bungee takes bungee jumping to a whole new height. What would normally be a daunting enough prospect on its own is even more formidable in the dark. You can’t see the bottom. You won’t know how far you’ve fallen. Or how far you have left to fall. This is an experience that’s all about blind trust and pure adrenaline. 
 Hunting for Ghosts, New OrleansSaid to be one of the most haunted cities in the US, New Orleans is a city of legend. Walk the spooky streets of The French Quarter after dark and even the most sceptical may start to wonder about the chill in the air. If you want the chance to try and find some substantial proof for yourself though, join a ghost hunt. Armed with audio and video recording equipment you’ll be guided through historic homes, where ghosts and spirits are said to roam. While there are no ghostly guarantees, paranormal activity is said to be very common. You’ll also be able to keep your recordings as proof of your experience and to scare any doubters. 
 Krampusnacht Festival, AustriaIt may not be for Hallowe’en, but The Krampus Parade in Austria would have anyone quaking in their boots! Held just before Christmas, this festival sees the streets lined with terrorizing demon masks and costumes as a warning for those kids who haven’t quite made it onto the ‘nice’ list this year. The legend originates from a terrifying horned beast called Krampus, who roamed The Alps causing mayhem. Since then parents have used this to encourage their children to behave better or else Krampus would come and get them! Although it’s not all about scary costumes and is actually quite a jovial event as bars and restaurants open up for all night parties across the town. 
 Visit Dracula’s Castle, RomaniaEveryone has heard the story of Transylvania’s favourite vampire. Bram Stoker’s famous novel drew inspiration from Romania’s many gothic castles, so this is the perfect place for horror fans. The spooky silhouette of Bran Castle is an imposing sight perched on the cliffside. While nearby Hunyad Castle is also striking. Vlad the Impaler – said to be the real life Dracula – was imprisoned here. There are dozens of Transylvanian castles to explore if you’re brave enough – just remember to pack a string of garlic! 

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