7 Reasons Sales Incentive Programs With Active Consultancy Will Motivate Your Sales Team

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Are you looking for a way to incorporate sales incentives into your organisation? Whether you are struggling with sales incentive ideas, sourcing employee rewards, or wondering when you’ll have time to manage them, worry no more. At Active Consultancy, we have the answer.

Sales incentive programs are an incredible way to engage, reward and motivate your sales team for their hard work. Incentives have consistently proven popular amongst some of the most successful businesses. Stats from the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) show that 90% of top-performing companies use incentive programs to reward their salespeople. A huge 80% of them also work alongside reward partners to run their incentives. 

We understand the importance of tailoring your sales incentives to ensure they reflect your company values and creating incentives personalised for your employees. As well as creating engaging sales incentives, we understand the fundamentals of an effective sales incentive plan that ensures it has a good incentive structure, clear goals, aligned values and more. 

Here are our 7 reasons why working with Active can help you to motivate sales reps, increase sales performance and create a rewarding and inspiring workforce.

1. Unleash Motivation With Your Sales Incentive Plan

Sales Incentives can often lead to outstanding performance within your sales team. The healthy competition will create a noticeable boost in productivity and with that, the outcomes may exceed your expectations. You’ll see employees energised, motivated and ready to go above and beyond to hit those targets.  

2. Boost Employee Morale 

A happy sales team is a productive sales team. That is why we believe in well-structured incentives which will elevate team morale and create a positive work environment. This positive atmosphere directly contributes to increased job satisfaction and enhanced employee retention. An employee motivation survey of over 50,000 workers, found that motivated employees are 87% less likely to leave a company. When employees feel valued and rewarded for their efforts, it creates a sense of loyalty and commitment to the organisation. For newcomers into the business, watching the employees compete against each other and feeling the buzz of energy across the office can be inspirational and push them to want to achieve the same success.

3. Real-Time Performance Tracking 

Active Consultancy’s customisable platform, Pluspoints, takes performance tracking to the next level. Pluspoints not only promotes transparency and accountability, but also serves as a motivational tool. Employees can monitor their performance in real time, providing instant feedback and a sense of ownership over their work. This level of insight into individual and team performance allows for timely adjustments and improvements throughout the incentive.

4. Customise Your Different Types Of Sales Incentive Programs

We recognise that not every business is the same and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all incentive. The uniqueness of every business means tailoring your incentive is important. Pluspoints allows your sales incentive to be fully customised via the platform to align with your company’s specific goals whether they are:

  • Rewards against KPI’s
  • Tactical Incentives
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Incentives 
  • Prize Draws
  • Top Performers’ Club

The flexibility offered by Active Consultancy allows businesses to create a sales incentive plan that is not only effective but is also deeply rooted in the organisation’s culture and values.

5. Effective Sales Incentive Management

Say farewell to the complexities of incentive schemes and management. Pluspoints simplifies the process with an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. This allows you to effortlessly track, analyse, and adjust your sales incentive for optimal results. The streamlined approach not only saves time but also ensures that the incentive program stays up to speed and responsive to the evolving needs of the sales team.

6. Create A Sales Incentive Game For A Little Fun

We know that performance and hitting goals are key, but no one said it shouldn’t be fun. Everyone wants to enjoy a fun sales incentive, and with Pluspoints, you can inject some into the working day. We have a range of online games that will boost productivity, complement your sales incentive and reward your employees.

With a range of games such as scratch to win, spin to win, what’s in the box and more, it’s easier than ever to boost productivity, drive your business and have fun all at the same time. We’ll tailor the visuals to suit your design or create a theme to match your strategy and with instant win rewards, there is no loss of momentum from waiting to actually receive your winnings.

7. Diverse Incentive Options

When it comes to tailoring your incentive options, it’s important that the rewards on offer are clear and can be delivered promptly. The longer your team has to wait for the reward, the less motivating it becomes. We are always thinking of new, exciting and memorable rewards, and have something to suit a variety of sales incentives, and differing performance levels. Choose from traditional rewards such as gadgets, gift cards, luxury goods, travel opportunities, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences to non-monetary incentives like recognition, flexible work hours, or career development opportunities. With our extensive experience in sourcing rewards, we are confident in delivering incentive options that not only align with your company’s goals but also resonate with employees. As the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF)  reported, if reps aren’t excited about reward possibilities, they won’t be as enthusiastic about striving to achieve them.”

Turn Your Sales Incentive Ideas Into A Personalised Sales Incentive Program Today.

Sales Incentive Programs are not just about rewarding performance; they are an investment in building a culture of excellence, inspiration and appreciation within your sales team. When you’re working with Active Consultancy by your side, the journey becomes even more rewarding, thanks to our innovative platform and expertise in crafting tailor-made solutions. 

Ready to drive sales and implement an incentive?  With our 30+ years of experience, we would love to chat about how Active can help you run bespoke incentives tailored to your goals and values. Get in touch today.