Understanding Long Service Awards

Understanding Long Service Awards

Now, more than ever, the retention of staff is key to ensuring the longevity of a business. With unemployment rising due to the impact of a global pandemic, it’s important to recognise your loyal employees, and Long Service Awards are a fundamental way of showing you care.

Not only do they tell people that you value their hard work and dedication but they also boost morale and incentivise staff to stay in roles longer. With a new generation of workforce climbing up the ranks, how do we take charge of the ‘Job-Hopping’ culture? The answer is rather simple. Recognise them.

With that in mind, here is a quick rundown of some suggested Long Service Award solutions.

Lower the ‘steps’
Say goodbye to the standard 5 year increments for LSA’s, which can seem like such a long way off and un-relatable to new employees. Our People Points reward and recognition package gives the option for rewarding LSA’s as one of its modules and we have seen a significant increase in clients using this platform to offer a reward for every single year an employee stays in the business. It’s typically in a tiered system, the longer someone stays, the higher the reward, so the incentive is still there to hold on to employees for the longer term too.
Creative thinking
Historically, LSA’s were about cash. Quick and easy, pop it on your paycheque and ultimately it ends up being spent on household bills. That’s not what this is about. Be creative, think outside the box, and give them something to talk about. At Active, we constantly look for new and innovative ideas – why not deliver your LSA’s as a branded experience pack, which can be presented physically or sent virtually. Recipients can choose from a whole range of exciting ideas from fast car experiences, family days out or even weekends away. Giving an experience that creates memories has a far more valuable and long lasting impact.
Gift cards
We’re not talking about your typical high street voucher, we’re talking about the gift of choice. We offer our very own, totally bespoke, Lifestyle Gift Voucher which can be redeemed through an online portal and used to purchase gifts from a catalogue of over 5,000 items. Much like the experience pack, this is something that is tangible to the recipient, and also gives them the freedom to decide what exactly they want from their reward.
The gift of time
The last 12 months have taught us the value of time with our loved ones and how a work/life balance is an essential part of good mental health. More than anything else right now, we just want to spend time with those we haven’t been able to see during lockdown. With this in mind, many employers are opting to reward staff with extra time off which can be offered in place of, or in conjunction with, a physical reward.
A personal touch
Although branded items and plaques as LSA’s are slowly becoming a thing of the past, the idea of a personal thank you alongside a reward from senior management makes a statement. Whilst verbal recognition is also important, a physical token can be appreciated as a reminder of an employee’s value to the company. Behind every milestone is a human being, so whilst the date is something to go by, what’s more important is a personal recognition of highlights and achievements.
Communication is key
Share the achievement, and celebrate it! Whether it’s announcing it in company meetings (virtually, of course), through your intranet or recognition platform or even a ‘wall of fame’, the reward itself means so much more when it’s public knowledge. Why not also involve fellow colleagues and line managers to make it more personal.
A flexible approach
The world is changing which means the workforce is too. Create an LSA strategy but review it regularly. Don’t keep it in place for years and years ticking over with the same solution. You’ll need to take into consideration the demographic of employees, and the circumstances. The last 12 months have been a huge demonstration of this, and with more and more businesses adapting their working environment, maybe it’s time for a change?
Active are experts in designing bespoke employee recognition programmes. If you’re interested in discussing how we can help with your Long Service Awards, contact us today

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