How Employee Wellness Can Help Them Thrive In A Hybrid Era.

Employee wellness exercise in the office

In a world of hybrid working, we are all trying to navigate the extra flexibility of remote and in-office work. For sure, the Hybrid era is here to stay. But keeping your team happy, motivated, engaged and in tip-top shape is something that many companies are struggling to find a balance with as employees are working remotely.

This means that promoting employee wellness is more important than ever before. We’ll help you out with some of our top tips for creating or maintaining a happy, healthy and harmonious haven.

A New Era, A New Outlook: Prioritising Employee Wellness in the Hybrid World

Gone are the days of the 9-5 grind. The hybrid era brings a fresh perspective on work, allowing flexibility that suits everyone’s circumstances. But this new era also brings its own set of challenges to employers and businesses. How can you ensure your team’s well-being remains front and centre? 

Navigating Remote Work Wellness

Remote work can feel isolating. Sitting at your desk, in silence, staring at a screen all day without any human interaction can start to take its toll on your wellness. But working from home doesn’t mean you wave goodbye to team camaraderie.  

Here are a few ways you can keep your teams feeling connected.

Morning Catch-Ups on Zoom/Teams

9:30am – How about a morning catch-up call? Check in with your team, see how things are going, see where everyone is up to, just sip your coffee and say “morning” and be seen! Being able to see someone on the other side of a screen is sometimes enough to just tick the box of some human interaction.

Virtual Team-Building Events

Yes! We are here for this. Team-building events are essential for building a strong team with good problem-solving skills, building trust amongst peers and encouraging communication. 

How about Team Building Bingo, The Ultimate Online Game Show or Virtual Scavenger Hunt Activities, all hosted online, so wherever you are, you’re in! 

Log In Yoga Breaks

Switch off your mind, relax and reset at lunchtime. How about a 30-minute break where your employees can log onto an online Yoga Class? We all know you need a break from staring at a screen and sitting down on a chair all day. Allow your employees to release tension, relieve stress and move their bodies to keep them feeling on top form!

Wellness Wednesday

Let’s be honest, I’m sure at some point we have all worked in our PJs, or worked from bed. But our minds and bodies need more than this. Maybe use your Wednesday to promote wellness. How about a lunchtime walk, a 10,000-step challenge amongst your employees, a mindfulness session they can tune into, or even a virtual cooking class that can slot into your team’s weekly routine.

Office Oasis: Elevating In-Office Wellness

Rise Up – Move Around!

So your employees may be splitting time between home and the office now, but that doesn’t mean they need to be tethered to their desks. Shake things up, consider adjustable desks, meaning employees can stand up to work, an in-office stretching class, yoga classes or lunchtime walks. These are all things that your mind and body will thank you for.

Bringing Play to the Workplace

What’s better than a bit of friendly competition? How about a ping-pong table, dart board or a football table in the office. It’s the perfect way to inject fun, creativity, and team bonding into the office. 

Why Partnering with Active Consultancy is the Wellness Win You Need.

Navigating the hybrid era’s wellness landscape is no easy feat. It’s about creating a balance between home and office. That’s where Active Consultancy sweeps in to help you consider the wellness of your employees. 

Whether you’re looking to create exciting interactive games for a little friendly competition, arranging a virtual team-building event for your team to solve together, or bringing your employees into the office for an in-person yoga experience, you can keep smiles wide and stress levels low.

Get in touch with Active Consultancy today.