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These terms apply to any Proposal for sales provided by Active Consultancy Ltd ('Active') in whatever form. These terms apply in addition to any specific terms detailed in the Proposal itself. In the event of any ambiguity between these terms and the Proposal itself, specific terms detailed in the Proposal shall take precedence. Please also refer to our Legal Notice and Privacy Policy concerning your personal data and use of our website.



  1. E and OE.
  2. All prices exclude VAT.
  3. All prices are valid for 14 days from the date a proposal is submitted, or until the 'Price Valid To' date if specified. This excludes instances where the purchase or supply of items is significantly affected by circumstances outside of Active’s control (e.g. changes to exchange rates, taxes etc).
  4. Active cannot guarantee supply of an item if it is discontinued for reasons outside of Active's control. In such circumstances a comparable alternative will be proposed.
  5. All creative ideas contained within a proposal remain the intellectual property of Active.
  6. Some descriptions may include brand names, company names, corporate identities or trademarks. No brand names, company names, corporate identities or trademarks may be used without the express permission of Active Consultancy or the company concerned.
  7. The rights of usage for any images supplied with the proposal are limited to the proposal only. Images may not be copied, reproduced or published without the permission of Active and/or the correct licensing. Images are illustrative only and may not accurately reflect the items quoted.
  8. Please note that where an incentive, promotion or competition utilises Active’s products as the prime prizes, Active’s services (i.e. supply of quotations, prize descriptions, images, and terms and conditions etc.) are on the understanding that there is commitment to purchase the prizes. As such, where Actives prizes are to be used in schemes based on 'instant win' or 'risk insurance', and/or schemes offering 'cash alternatives', Active will charge a management fee accordingly.
  9. Where prizes are used as an incentive or as a reward for internal staff or third party employees, there are tax and NI liabilities for both the provider and the recipient. Active can provide guideline documents which will outline the various options open to you as a provider of a scheme. However please be advised that this information is provided without prejudice (as Active are not payroll or tax specialists) and we recommend your HR department contact the Inland Revenue before commencement of any scheme.
  10. Some prizes may only be available on specific dates. Where applicable, prizes exclude travel and/or attendance on or over Christmas, New Year, Easter and bank holiday weekends, unless stated otherwise.
  11. Any commitment to purchase Active's products and/or services, whether written or verbal, will be subject to Active's full terms of business relating to the products and/or services to be supplied. These terms will either be included within the contract (if applicable), or are available on request.


UK Experiences & Gift Prizes

  1. For experiences, please note that restrictions (where given) are only offered as a guide. Some individual centres may have restrictions that are not included within the proposal.
  2. Anyone under 18 years of age participating in an experience must be accompanied by an adult. Other age restrictions may apply.
  3. All experiences are issued as vouchers which are valid for 12 months from date of issue (subject to availability of the experience).
  4. The delivery of gifts outside the EU may incur local taxes and duties. Where incurred, these will be billed on as extra at cost, together with a monthly administration fee (only in months where charges occur).
  5. If a gift item is unavailable at time of order Active reserve the right to offer the current version or a model of similar specification.


Travel & Group Travel Prizes

  1. Unless stated otherwise, car hire is restricted to drivers over 25 years old. Please allow for a supplement of approximately £10 per day for drivers under 25 years of age. The minimum age for drivers is 21.
  2. Where holidays will be taken after the 'Price Valid To' date, please allow approximately 5% increase per year on the costs quoted. This is offered as a guide only and is not guaranteed.
  3. Unless stated otherwise, holidays are designed for over 18s. Other age restrictions may apply for certain activities, please see the terms on each holiday for details of any age requirements. All travellers aged under 16 years are required to travel with a parent or legal guardian. Travellers aged between 16 to 18 years will require written permission from their parent or legal guardian before they can travel.
  4. Flights are subject to changes in airport taxes and fuel surcharges levied by the airlines until the time of ticketing.
  5. Unless stated otherwise, flights are based on departures from London.


Group Travel, Events & Hospitality

  1. Prices listed as per person are based on the group size stated. Any reduction in the number of guests attending an event or group incentive trip will not necessarily reduce the total cost quoted.
  2. Prices for group incentive trips are based on exchange rates at the time of quoting and may be subject to fluctuation, which will be recalculated and passed on to the client at the point of reconciliation based on the applicable rate at the time of making payments to foreign suppliers.
  3. All theming, entertainment and production items proposed are subject to a site visit at the chosen venue. There may be additional charges for power distribution, labour and transport.
  4. All hospitality prizes have a minimum booking of at least two guests.


Website Provision & Creative Design

  1. All website and design projects allow for one set of author amends only. Additional amends will be billed as extra.


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