Best Tech Giveaway Ideas For Tech Companies To Clients

Best Tech Giveaway Ideas For Tech Companies To Clients.

When it comes to Tech companies, they are always looking to be that one step ahead in the digital game. Not only that, but they look to have everything on hand to make life so much easier and accessible.

Whether you are running competitions externally or doing giveaways to your clients, offering tech-savvy gifts can be a great way of getting your name resounding in their minds.  

Who doesn’t love a piece of tech that enhances their everyday life? Let’s look at some tech items you could use in your giveaways.

Portable Power Banks

With lives being so busy these days and the reliance on chargeable devices, portable power banks are always handy to have on hand. Whether you’re travelling or need to be able to charge your items on the go, these portable power banks can be popped into your bag, leaving you ready to power up when you’re running low.

Smart Speakers

It’s difficult to remember life without the ease of Smart Speakers. Relying on the radio, stretching out the metal aerial and aiming it at all the windows to get a signal! Luckily for us, it isn’t that hard anymore. Whether you’re enjoying some music in the office, outside in the garden or  on holiday  listening to music on the balcony as the sun goes down, a smart speaker has got you covered.  

Everyone could make use of a smart speaker, and with many different shapes and sizes, it’s an item that can fit into lots of budgets.  

Health Smart Watches

Smartwatches are great items to use as a giveaway for tech companies. They are considered high-end tech items, which adds to their perceived value. As a result of this, the receivers and recipients of these items are likely to feel appreciated and valued by the company. Smartwatches are also great for convenience. Whether you’re tracking your fitness goals, receiving notifications or controlling smart devices at home, you can do it all from the ease of your wrist.

WiFi Doorbells

Wifi Doorbells are still classed as a relatively new product in the tech world, meaning not all homeowners have one. Wifi doorbells are a practical item that can be used by most people with access to a smartphone or smart device. The addition of a wifi doorbell enhances your home security and can allow you the convenience to see and communicate with visitors from wherever you are. As a giveaway gift from a technology company, it is a great way to differentiate from others and offer something just as convenient and desired, but leaving you feeling valued and  appreciated by the company.

Bluetooth Item Finders

Mornings can be a rush to get on the road and miss the traffic. Or maybe you have busy weekends with sporting activities for the kids. The last thing you need to be worrying about is finding your keys at the very last minute. Bluetooth item finders are here to save you from the frantic turning upside down of your house and leave it on time, in one piece. These little tags on keyrings can be popped onto your keys, laptop bag, into your wallet, and if you find yourself having lost them, you can track them from your phone. Some show their location, whereas others even play a sound to allow you to track them down.  

So when that moment comes and your keys have gone walkies, it will be you that they will be thinking of and thanking.

Are You Ready To Plan Your Next Giveaway?

Doing giveaways to clients can help create a positive relationship between yourself and them. Your clients will feel appreciated and it’s a great way of increasing branding loyalty, driving business growth and leaving a positive lasting memory in your client’s minds.